So....I walked into it-A hell absent of a destination;A future could not be seen.The doors were guarded with deceptionAs paths of shimmering promise.So I walked through them...Wouldn't you?Demented with thoughtsThat appearances were true.Yet here I stand.Debilitated.Who knew?IT did.JusTee


Saved by the shave

Dating has never been a hobby of mine, but finding forever did not come quickly for me. I was 35 when I met him. I never thought when I started dating Derrick that laziness would save our relationship, but two years later I have learned that my shaving habits sealed the deal.No, I am not …

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Intelligence, Belief and Faith

A person's intelligence is based on his or her individual capacity for learning, reasoning and understanding through mental activity. Intelligence levels affect the ability to grasp truths, relationships and facts from things one can hear, see, smell and touch. Intelligence helps people learn and determine fact versus fiction. The internet and common dictionary can teach …

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