Month: March 2016

My rainbow had color And my life a chance; I never questioned the leap. I ignored the word NO- And fought for yes- Never missing a beat. But then came thought- And double questions; Leading me to this place. My dreams are lost- And the colors grey; I’ve even lost my taste. Where did I […]

Animalia is your Kingdom Chordata is your Phylum A Subphylum of Vertebrata And a class Mammalia another item. There is a Sub in the Class- And Eutheria is the name; An Order called Primata With a Suborder Anthropidea for fame. Your spinal cord and vertebrae Are in the shape of an S Making the family […]

Forgiveness is a chore- Needing to be exhausted by all. Like a home… Disaster builds quickly when avoided. Hatred is the foundation- Framing stone in your heart. Forgiveness is freedom- Exonerating your spirit. For He forgave your transgressions- So like His.. Your spirit would live. Rise to the occasion- Happy Easter!

The mind is terrible to waste- Aimlessly running thoughts… Only to have bent meanings. Ridiculous articles of advice- Purposes to avoid writing a thing. Perhaps the same problem? Simply writings words on a page… Failed to turn me on.

Sunday, March 20th, you marched in- With fair weather in tow. But by Wednesday, March 23rd The Spring’s sarcasm was snow. Not just a flake or minor inch- For that simply wouldn’t do. No, instead eighteen inches or more- Was the updated forecast for you. But to show some faith in the joke- You woke […]

   My senses are excellent-                                                                           And my stance unique- A keen sense to find you… Making you weak. My […]

My 12 year old son has epilepsy. He was diagnosed with Petit Mal seizures (often referred to as absent seizures) in 3rd grade, but he had dramatically improved with medication since then. Everything changed yesterday around 2:00 p. My husband called me, because the school called him, to tell him to get to the school […]

Please come a little closer… What do you see? You are only close enough- If you can judge me. How close do you have to be? Before that’s what you do? Are more than my looks needed- Before it comes from you? Tell me your rights… Or the privileges you possess…. So that I may […]