Dream Death

My rainbow had color And my life a chance; I never questioned the leap. I ignored the word NO- And fought for yes- Never missing a beat. But then came thought- And double questions; Leading me to this place. My dreams are lost- And the colors grey; I’ve even lost my taste. Where did I …

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Human Kind

Animalia is your Kingdom Chordata is your Phylum A Subphylum of Vertebrata And a class Mammalia another item. There is a Sub in the Class- And Eutheria is the name; An Order called Primata With a Suborder Anthropidea for fame. Your spinal cord and vertebrae Are in the shape of an S Making the family …

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Forgiveness is a chore- Needing to be exhausted by all. Like a home… Disaster builds quickly when avoided. Hatred is the foundation- Framing stone in your heart. Forgiveness is freedom- Exonerating your spirit. For He forgave your transgressions- So like His.. Your spirit would live. Rise to the occasion- Happy Easter!