Social Target – Introduction

Social Target narrow

Pouring rain orchestrated a symphony my mind needed to hear, and running water danced on my feet while I walked to the beat of the song. The brisk air gave life to my breath that normally goes unseen, and the stars were missing on my walk tonight from the rain clouds blanketing the sky. Nature was guiding a balance I had not felt in a long time, and I was happy to follow along. My haunted memories would never find me here, and I had the veil of the storm to thank for that.

The rain was cold and it occurred to me my bare feet were somehow protected from the chill. My hair was saturated, my clothes soaked and heavy, but I felt warm anyway. The melancholy shelf clouds ahead lacked the haunting feeling they would ordinarily have. Instead, the storm seemed more like a warm blanket a grandma made.

The peace of the night didn’t last, although I appreciated the 15 minutes I did get. The peace was replaced with a feeling that something was trying to get my attention. The urgency was gaining strength and my heart quickened its pace while I was trying to find who, or what it was. Just then there was a whisper that danced in the night’s air with a message that was very clear.




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