Social Target – Chapter 2

Susan’s visit with Anna left her feeling lost. Mental breakdowns can happen at any age, but this story was just strange to her. Anna’s outlook on life seemed to be negative in general, but not in a way that was intent to harm others. She wasn’t the type to seek attention for the sake of attention either. Responding to a post on Facebook doesn’t seem like a lie any adult would tell, but according to the police file, the comments didn’t exist from Anna on news articles. Why would she make up a name of someone who responded to an article? It just didn’t make sense.

Feeling frustrated Susan felt the best way to move forward was to meet with the lead detective, and find out why he was so sure Anna was making the whole story up. She had to be missing something obvious because so far this case file didn’t make sense.

The chief detective was Jack Nolan, and her research offered he had been with the police force for 31 years, and was a top detective for 19 of those years.  Susan wondered how a man with so much experience could produce such an incomplete case file. Dialing his number, she decided it was time to find out.

“Detective Nolan speaking.” His voice was low and commanding.

“Detective. My name is Dr. Susan Jefferies. I am the psychiatrist assigned to the case of Anna Nolan. Her case was handled by you and I was hoping you could answer some questions.”

Speaking in person would be much better than talking on the phone, but delaying answers for that opportunity didn’t seem like a good idea.

“Yes. The Facebook case. That was a weird one, but luckily not one that took much time. Simple case of a young girl looking for attention. Apparently life wasn’t giving her enough of it.” He said in an uninterested tone.

“I have had one visit with Anna, read her file, reviewed the bible she was given, and I can’t help but feel like there is more to the story than what the case file offers as evidence. This is a very odd story for an adult female to make up. A person’s imagination would have to be limited to come up with this story for attention. Why are you so sure she made it up?”

“Because there was no evidence.” He said forcefully. “Not only could we not find a comment left by John Sammock – we also could not find any comment left by her. According to her Facebook activity the last time Anna did anything on Facebook was in 2014! She said she commented and replied to comments on a regular basis, but her account activity said otherwise.”

“I am not sure how I missed the activity detail in the report, but I am not sure that is enough to say she is lying.”

“Well, I am sure it is in there. Look! I don’t know why she made up such a boring story. I don’t know why she mailed herself a bible. But there was no evidence to suggest someone else had done it. I welcome you to find evidence to the contrary, but I don’t think you will find it.”

“Thank you for your time detective. If I have any more questions I will give you a call.”

“Dr Jefferies, be careful. I know her history suggests she is a girl who never causes any trouble, but she cost my team 82 hours of time chasing ghosts and stories. Maybe she had a dream? I don’t know. But the girl is in your office for a reason. Good luck.”

“Thank you.”

The call ended and Susan was frustrated. The story didn’t make sense, and what does her favorite judge say? Judge Judy would say that if it doesn’t make sense then it isn’t true.  If this is a case of a pathological liar she will be amazed. Liars are often seeking attention but she has no history of lying for attention. Often pathological liars tell tales that are hard to believe, but the story was very believable and unimpressive. Liars often paint themselves as a victim and Anna is definitely the victim in this story, but that doesn’t prove anything. Susan would have to continue to dive into her history and psychological state. She didn’t want to make assumptions too early, and the courts would hardly tolerate it if she did.  Maybe she will find a detail that was missed by the 82 hours worked by the detective and his team. Only time will tell.


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