Month: April 2016

Induce the day with caffeine Mount the start with a smile. Activate the energy with opportunity Believe you can run a mile. Success until 10 a.m. Suddenly things begin to go wrong… The smile harder to hold- The energy now far from strong. Understand where the problem began… Suddenly they are less sweet- Two kids […]

The toil was long Through the torpor to work No knowing the purpose Faith was the strongest tool. Hours of weeping- Days of screaming at nothing What was absent? The goal to find anything. Toggle with emotions Block needless regret Rely on the gut Receive the needed strength. Walls of cement and stone Gave way […]

The future seemed bleak Complaisance was challenged Noise was too common Peace forgotten. Meandering through life- Conscious twists and turns Despite the bread crumbs I was lost. Reluctant to accept Or appreciate such reality- The past was just a map To peace remembered. No running water or fitted sheets Reconciled the malignant spirit… For a […]

Freedom bathes in simplicity As burdens are lifted A spirit is reborn. God’s artistry trumps all others- So much that even rocks are magnificent. Too often the world is laden with melancholy chatter- And filled with un-necessary things. Here I stand on Your masterpiece- While lacking so many things It becomes everything. Emancipate your spirit […]

I remember the pride in his eyes The flowers meant so much to him. I suppose they should have meant more to me. Everything changed in an instant. He knew it- I knew it. Flowers of past danced in my mind- And it was almost as though he could see them too. My damage was […]

The heart was veiled in black lace- A clue that was missed. Life was unexposed- A thought provided by blue. Innocence is an attraction- An explanation of lost signs. Lack of oxygen changes color Something feeling trapped can do. No tool he had- Could right the past wrongs. So she weeps alone- Even with company […]

I have been successful for the last 10 days, 11 hours and 13 minutes. I have found the secret to slowing time down, and it is counting the minutes of your success daily. I am noticing sounds my mind learned to ignore. I have never noticed the clicking noise my clock in the living room […]

I have found my personal mortality, And much too young!! How much more can I change?? I hear the clock ticking on my fun. Why you ask? Well because I cannot deny a physical fact. I am going to die before I turn 40! What do you think about that? I don’t have a medical […]