If I was here to be me You would probably already know who I am. Instead I’m an outline Of either a woman or a man. You want the truth? You should look inside! Are you ready for the answer? Are you prepared to cry? You question the sound- While searching for the truth. So …

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Politics equals Ignorance 

I feel pity for the people-Who fight about politics and elections. Rooting for Trump or Hillary- Or even better… Democrats or Republicans! Anyone who believes one person or group is the answer- Simply ignores a lot of recent history. Some are saying the election isn’t about who you are voting for- But more about voting …

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Path Prints

Walking along my life path- My mind covers the course in sand… The texture is as smooth as it is rough- A color both elegant and bland. As I walk the path again- My steps disappear. Suddenly the proof is gone That I was even here. Ignoring the implication- I take the steps as planned, …

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You and Me

I know you-More than you want. You exaggerate what is simple Complicating what is fun. I like keeping it simple- And that is how I plan- I want to enjoy the moment- You and I both can. I don’t want all the noise- I just want you and me- Somehow that makes me insensitive- And …

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Summer Reality

Do you know the old saying? Can't see the forest for the trees? In this case it's because it has been a while Since I have shaved above the knees. The summer brings things to life- And requires less clothing too- But I do not mind the forest- So dear public… This service is for …

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Love to Like

If love was lost - would I still be here? It's Like looking for a home. Love is free and without expiration - Like costs more to replenish. So here we are... Suffering in debt... To the needs of Like. But love provides time- To earn the luxury... Of Liking each other again.



Searching for the light In a world seemingly dark- The sun failing to provide a break. Following the words And endless thoughts- Only takes brightness away. Stopping the moment Seclusion is sought- A path needed to escape. Breathing in slowly And out intensely- The mind is forced to pause. No need to question Or find …

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Conscious Cycle

Humans believe they can conquer the world, and lives are often wasted and taken as a result of this bent belief. Some people believe in a higher power, lower power or no power at all, but almost all believe in a remarkable power within themselves. Mental hospitals house the extremes of human personalities - those …

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