Month: July 2016

No hateful looks Or apologetic words. No example of happiness Or sign of hurt No acknowledgement of me Or demanding of you- No end to the end Or beginning of new. No rewind to push- Or forward to leap. No touch of a hand Or grace of cheek. No future to build Or past to […]

Life was more difficult- And they were less sane. My hair was turning grey- Lessons filling with pain. No control or direction- To knowingly give… Lost in the role- To be to the kids. Noticing a flower bed- Without much sense of thought… Gave me a moment to think- And a lesson it taught. The […]

Messenger of the unknown- Because it is known- Just not by our time or place. Seen and heard- By the blind and deaf- Moments to embrace. A solid purpose defined- Rules not to be broken… To all the living things. Both light and dark- Beautiful and plain- Sights with or without wings. Stories told and […]

What the hell are you doing? Please shut up! Why are you making so much noise?? You’ll wake the whole house up! Ah Damn…. It’s Monday!

Lack of knowledge and information- Wasn’t the problem… But it was ignorance just the same. Failure to appreciate History- And its notorious gift of repeating itself… Will set a new world aflame. What point are mistakes?- And dire consequences… If failed is the lesson learned? A new place and people- But the same failed system… […]

Two men suffer accidents on the same day, but separate places and times. Both are hospitalized with doctors advising family members they are in critical condition. Both men have limited chance for survival. Michael is a white male who has lived 43 years. Will is a black male who has lived 39 years. Both men […]

Closing my eyes- The depth begins to change. No longer a solid black wall- An inviting open space emerges. The darkness isn’t empty- Just a special place to go…. No longer just one world- More worlds are there to know. Calm and strength are there- In a vain attempt to describe… Doubt and anger do […]