I walked up the halls And through the stairs Turned on the dark And off the cares. Spoiled the beginning And missed the end. Cheered the loss Booed the win. Walked on water And swam the grass Sharpened wood Dulled the glass. I looked down for up And up for down Smiled at sadness Happiness …

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Come to life Pandora As I've come to set you free… Erase all the mystery- Open for us to see. All giving in Greek mythology As only a woman could bare… Whether in a jar or box- Ills will greet your stare. Forbidden fruit or a can of worms- Are myths believed today… Or are …

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It Never Solved Anything

I pour the drink And wait to get drunk… Patience in waiting… After a day that stunk. No rhyme to madness… No wrong to write… Just a bitch and a moan- With my swallows tonight.


Storms’s End

  The storm passed with remnants of wonder. Nothing to fear- Lots to ponder. Beyond this sky Is a worse fate… May they all go inside To safely wait. The wonder of mother- The unknowing of nature- To warn us all And challenge the maker. No sense of justice Or making things right… But a beautiful …

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Forced Change

  Change my make up Color my hair Make it short I don't care. Break the rules Change my friends No matter what I'll find my end. No logic or emotion Just do what I want No thought for anyone Just more to taunt. No explanation or virtue Careless with time Want it all Without …

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  I had something to say So I said it But the breath was for nothing As you didn't get it. My emotions on the floor Heart in my hands And all I can think Is I can't do this again The debts are high And tongues are cut More times than not I think …

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A mind's purgatory- Facing the years of past… While seeking a better future. Lost in the answers- Abandoned by present existence… Crushed in only progress- By chains of found regret.


Just Crazy

The chaos is creating the lunatic. The silence is deadly. Where is the peace? Where is the wrong? Where is the right? Ridiculous blurry vision. Forgotten hours and wasted words- Action’s damage with more to hurt. No life. No comfort. Or hidden tense. If only it would get better. The feeling of failure- And opportunities …

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