Month: September 2016

  There is a question both company and employee need to start asking before hiring and or accepting a job. The answer to the question, What are you paying me/them for, will help both company and employee find the right fit. Have you ever been told that you didn’t work a full 8 hours yesterday? […]

My candle’s light knows no end It is a perfect circle From beginning to end. I have no power to fix another Or a wrong After events begin… But I have the power To bring more light And share mine with you- Together our lights Will help the darkness Until a new beginning shines through.

A moment That is all Nothing big Something small. No tomorrow Or yesterday in view Just a moment Between me and you. But it didn’t end Nothing stopped And now this moment Is all we’ve got. Now everything wrong Needs stopped by everything right- As we seek peace From the moment last night.

A faded memory now As she lives in my dreams But she is still alive and well And even had a night saving me. An angelic form she has Where the promising spirit lives Filled with hope and love More life to me she had to give. Alone in the gutter Where all my promise […]

No moments to explain Though all need interpretation Minutes are not wasted- But growing is frustration. Excitement beyond measure- With your heart and mine… Wanting to last forever- If only to stop time. Life moves forward… Pressures weight liking thin… And suddenly the lesson discovered- The differences between women and men. Hearts are broken- But […]