Month: November 2016

When I went to Petco last Friday I was thankful I didn’t have the money for a turtle. It’s not that a turtle is expensive, but setting up their habitat is, and I knew that was money I didn’t need to spend. BUT – I liked a turtle in the store. It followed me everywhere […]

“To test a man’s character, give him power” is a quote ringing in many of our hearts. The election of 2016 was a difficult one for me. The candidates challenged what I believed before, what I believe today, and what I should believe tomorrow. Watching Trump’s victory speech and Hillary’s concession speech challenged me yet […]

I took a few days off from work. It was forced really. Leadership made the announcement that we had to have our PTO time down to 40 hours or less by April 1st, and any time over 40 hours would be forfeited. Well, I am not giving anything back I have earned, so 220 hours […]

All, I shy away from politics. I vote, and I pay attention, but I avoid the battles in fighting with people. I believe fighting about politics or religion is a waste of time. Fighting doesn’t change your opposition’s view, but it does waste minutes of your life. This election is very important and difficult. It […]