Month: December 2016

There is never just one opportunity- Or just one simple choice. Good and bad will always exist- So careful how you use your voice. Did you get knocked down? Were you thankful when you stood? Did you focus on the anger? Or from it what was good? Pain is a part of life- But so […]

  Dear John If that was your name… A burning desire… Will never be the same. No hiding the truth Or manipulating lies… Just the need to grieve From deep in my thighs. In-love with the memory- Burned by reality- And for a moment no hope- For something to save me. I was good at […]

  Only words- So many to be said- Yet nothing to say… A wire to tread. If words were spoken But the choice was wrong- The ending the same… Just without the song. So alone to sit- While facing mountains to climb; And the story to tell… Chanced by time. While left unspoken – Inside […]

Have you ever said sorry? But you’re not sure what for? But you knew you were sorry- Before you ever closed the door. Did you pour the glass And try to relax… But realize what has happened- And your confidence cracks. Have you ever really wanted Something that wasn’t yours? Did you ignore the needs? […]

Boobs they sag When before they created stares… And as you get older- They show how little you care. No more standing at attention- And lucky to fit in your cup- They start to lose interest.. And suddenly the jig isn’t up. If they were a part of having children- That just speeds up the […]