Never Ending

Youth is fleeting While the heart's still beating Feeling there is some youth yet. Mixed are lessons- And learned is wisdom, Age cannot forget. The inner child gets restless- And always available… When instruction is left to learn. So repeats the cycle- Like a worn down appliance… Fighting life's twists and turns. Hope for tomorrow …

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via Daily Prompt: Simple Dear Simple, Where have you been? I remember a time- When we were close friends. Wants were once small- And needs were too… But something happened somewhere- And complicated beat you. Now desires have no control- And needs know no bound… I seek to find you- But you are nowhere around. …

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Left Behind 

Left behind  By changes not asked for... Bleeding resentment  Nailing the doors. Finding the key Through a strangers hands... Gone is direction Needed are friends. The walls close in The sky starts to fall... Waking up learning  While knowing nothing at all.


Story Teller

Good and bad- In everything… There are always consequences. Why then- Do we continue to be surprised- When our words- Even filled with good intentions… Suffer too, a tragedy? Learn from mistakes- Hear what is good… And then finish the story- Just as any story teller should.



If I lost the ability to speak Would you hear what I had to say? No matter how I communicated- Would conversation find a way? Are you interest in the story- My lips wish to tell? Would you be a character- Even if you are the one who fell? Is there a darkness- And sought …

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There are days to like you- And some to hate what you have done. Moments to love you- And others to cry some. There are days to trust you- And others to doubt… Moments to hug you- Or to let you pout. There are days to leave- And others to stay… But living my life …

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Picking Up Pieces

The faded blue summer sky highlighted the heat for Amanda's friends and her to play in today. Hide and seek, running through sprinklers and drinking from the hose would be a part of their play time. Only children appreciate carefree days like this. Amanda loved to play outside. Each year her light blonde hair would …

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Saving Grace

The light pouring through the basement window was bright but altered through the dirt stuck to the glass. Noise from the outside was as clear inside as it was outside. Life was failing to be blocked from the darkness I was seeking. Failure is too often the best friend of my choices. I tried dying …

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