Never Ending

Youth is fleeting While the heart's still beating Feeling there is some youth yet. Mixed are lessons- And learned is wisdom, Age cannot forget. The inner child gets restless- And always available… When instruction is left to learn. So repeats the cycle- Like a worn down appliance… Fighting life's twists and turns. Hope for tomorrow …

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via Daily Prompt: Simple Dear Simple, Where have you been? I remember a time- When we were close friends. Wants were once small- And needs were too… But something happened somewhere- And complicated beat you. Now desires have no control- And needs know no bound… I seek to find you- But you are nowhere around. …

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Story Teller

Good and bad- In everything… There are always consequences. Why then- Do we continue to be surprised- When our words- Even filled with good intentions… Suffer too, a tragedy? Learn from mistakes- Hear what is good… And then finish the story- Just as any story teller should.