Month: April 2017

The muse unaware Why I write  The subject suggestive With what words I type. Holding back often In the tales told No point in revealing  Or assuming a hold. Letting go as needed More turning away Neglecting facts Watching what to say. But the words are read When I choose to share No reply ever […]

Make love to me Like you’ve waited years… Release me Like happy tears. Break me Then put me back right Tell me This is more than just one night. Touch me As though lust is love Kiss me Like I am all you think of. Map this So there is no end Then stay And […]

Darkened room Absorbing light Lethargic limbs Losing fight. Slowly walls Closing in Without anything  Pushing them. Heavy eyes Wasted breath No control  Daily death. Goals hidden Right and wrong Forgetting points Depressing songs. Happiness fades Hope cries Trials mount  Chance’s demise. Nature’s corpse And simple breath All things break Life forgets.

Not leaving Without a fight Inches coming Through the night. Winter’s lurking  Under Spring’s veil What will break? Tomorrow’s tale.

In love with you Or maybe the thought But I’ll see it to the end With all I’ve got.

Oh to be young again Those were the days Destroying the furniture  And running all day. Having more energy Than people could keep up And for many years Acting like a pup. I’m older now And I rarely run But when my family needs me I get the job done. Now here you are With […]

You can do everything right And still be wrong Taking a shorter road Can make a journey long. Loving with all your heart Can make you feel pain… Knowing the rules While still losing the game. Doing the same thing twice Only doubles the burn While there are no promises There is always something to […]

I’m inspired to live Inspired to cry Give a hand And question why. I’m inspired to love  Even to grieve  When to stay  And when to leave. I’m inspired to hope And to give care Resist the edge Offer to share. I’m inspired to stop And block you too No inspiration to hate Or compromising […]