The Joker

I walk in a dimension There are truths Dressed in stories Of the liars den. I walk carefully To not wake curiosity In me Or in anything. Whispers taunt Like wasps circle No Trust But fear. The joker laughs As the fool trips On the truth of the ledge And the romance of the fall.


Memorial Day

The sun is shining As I remember today Those before us And the price they paid. We must thank them for all As freedom rings Feel the love Their spirit brings. Life today Is because of them Appreciate their sacrifice And your life again.

Not Knowing Why

So often a need to understand  Is a puzzle that can't be solved Delusions hide a truth  Impatience hides resolve. Magic is an illusion  Much like reality in a group . . . All life faces death  The old once had youth. Moments are a consequence  To a past coming true . . . Blessing …

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In Loving Memory

I witnessed the end With no middle or beginning- Confusion and torment And faith growing and thinning…. I heard the stories told As laughs were appreciated and shared All about a young man Who could no longer be there. The more I learned about you- Less anything made sense… Actions so regrettable- Knowledge missing a …

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The Window

The window To a world unclear Filled with possibilities  Riddled with fear. Stories whispered  Beyond the panes Things hoped for Treasures to gain. Look out the window Then try the door Believe for a moment And find the more.


Life Steps

Distractions are gone While thoughts are left Along with goals Which didn't get met. A rhyme at times- With a picture to match... The pieces to puzzles  And clues to catch. Solitaire in confinement  And paths to get lost- Fearing the total... While calculating cost. Hope on the horizon The moon lights the way... Clearing …

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Why Not?

Why is loss What makes so many write? But good days and memories  Seem more out of sight? Why is anger So easy on the tongue? Why laminate a tragedy? And not the victories won? Why not change the story? And give victory a proper speech? Allow life to make a difference... And practice what …

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Pain and Life

Not being needed Might be what hurts the most Value lost Or never coming close. Two steps behind Or never being right  Failing the battle  No matter how hard you fight. Losing yourself  Or not knowing who you are Experience missing Never being a star. Letting people down  While you continue your fall Not seeing …

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