Coming Home

Coming home Through fractured rays Quite the journey  Is the end of our days. But through the veil Life has only begun Precious steps After a mortal run.


Making It Through 

Stretching day Bending nerves Run away Knees hurt. Puzzle pieces Numbing brain  Make it through Lost the gain. Turning pages Missing words Find meaning Just absurd. Eyes opened Truth is wet Another masterpiece  Never forget.

Perfectly Seen

Life in moments Seconds to reality Minutes pass Just like sanity. Right a blurry vision Wrong a current memory Forsaking what is For what was wanted. Happiness a goal Instead of being Changes happened As hands are no longer needed for time. Pausing to embrace The steps lost Forking a road On a straight path. …

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Wounded Warrior 

The toll takes its silence Solid base cracks Meaning spread with wind chimes  A Breeze loses will. Victory chased Losses seem covered As the storm shelters pass The wounded hero.


Sacred Conversation

Walk the road Not for the end Find the gold Not meant to spend See the beauty Naturally given and made Take in a moment Too valuable to trade See the opportunity Beyond the trial Talk to God Enjoy the mile Breathe the life Only Heaven can give Then have the courage To get up …

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What? Something I said? Is it my teeth? Position of my head? Life is hard Being this damn good Waiting on you To be understood. So I'll wait patiently  And let you take a pic Then put my lip back Where my teeth let it stick.


Political BS

The more we share  The less we learn  Judgement and righteousness  Seeds that burn. No seeking to understand  Only confirming to "know" A bubble of anger Politics will show. And what in the end  Will be shown what's right  History takes long For accuracy to write. What will you matter? How many arguments will you …

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Only a Fool

All in my head A hellish road No medicine that helps Or relief of load. Just time standing still While passing too quick... Reaching crossroads  No direction to pick. Flirt with sanity Ignore the plea Control is for the fool What will be - will be.