Month: August 2017

Captured focus Rainless rainbow circles Armored by clouds Earth’s moon tangles a sun. To wonder now Like children in a field Nature dances in shadows Minds rejoice precious minutes. Beginning with the end Mesmerized by prediction Value of a quiet victory Consecrated by time.

Ever feel like you are being watched? Something knowing all you do? Suddenly relief knowing It was someone as precious as you!

One after another Eyes watch the run Making clowns innocent Of dying virtuous fun. Paradise in the chase Laughing fools Complicated in theory Simple hidden rules. Another step forward Four behind Missing is everything No way to rewind. Laughter shaking the earth Looks seemingly shy Theory for all Without intention or why. Marching band plays […]

Sounds of sandpaper rubbing- Walking through drying fields Drops escaping the puddle As toes remember their feel. Noises promise company- Loneliness weighs on shoulders . . . Walking up high for peace- Leaves the body feeling colder. Pieces fit into the puzzle- Broken as eggshells on the floor . . . Knowing something is different […]

Pleasant sounds now have ominous tones Begging for the worst Painting the best. The artist is unknown  While work is displayed  Manipulated understanding. Young are born  Old still age Brevity highlighting it all. Muscles ache While wasting away So is the state of time.

I was everything Then nothing All at once. I was wanted And rejected Within a matter of months. I was over Once started Wet forced dry… You came Then you left A relationship high. Without light No home Lost a path to take. The moon A savior Guiding heart to break.