Month: October 2017

Halloween is a special holiday. It’s a day allowing kids, and even adults, to become anything they want for a night. Halloween is the only day that allows people to delve into the darkest part of their soul and display it on the outside. A day where people do not have to hide their sense […]

How many fails Make a failure? How many wins Make a winner? How many punches Are a knockout? How many compliments  Are true? My friend in misery  Has many questions. Beyond the grave Bares the honest answers. So arguments keep dancing As only they have their day.

Speaking has lost sound As all is deaf. The cage bares a lock With a missing door. Hope is now less As sense locks in self. The parade of monkeys march As reason lay abandoned. Inner peace fully neglected Honesty too inconvenient. Truth now a mystery  And where the road leads from here.

Lethargic moves The limp from one To yet another  Energy from panic Sleep induced But living While dying In awareness Of nothing While believing  Everything  From nothing  Finally delivered.

It haunts me Telling jokes Playing games Little pokes Tap, tap, tap Always the same sound  Opportunity knocking  But can’t be found. Windows are covered The door without a knob The noise is loud Between these sobs. Temptation is lurking  Don’t let it come in The temptress offers  Fate stalls again 

A shadow  Where light once was A dream Even if reality. A few steps Mist in the clouds… Bluebirds fly Before the swelling sore. The break  Where glue held tight Loosen grips Of the devil and angel. So wait  Before the scale gives an answer And believe Once was over and never done.

There was a heartbeat  Guiding steps along linen walls Almost a guide And a fault to the end. Whispers loud Machines comforted chaos To the grasp of life And perseverance of death. Until peace became music Misery’s parade done and over For one then But never for all. And then the years Like all other […]

We are born to know you Strengthen you Build you Control you. Opportunity always open Danger near Pills and chemicals to help Or consequently destroy. Chemistry often missed In the courting effort For power The architect of fantasy. Command slowly changed Despite promise Or time Forgotten rules. Yes I was to control You! But like […]