Month: December 2017

Another one gone And a new one in Heart’s now hopeful To begin again Hopeful 18’s success Will put the pain of 17 to rest Mind’s eyes finds secrets To start creating the best. It’s a New Year And in some ways a clean slate- And it’s up to each one of you To fill […]

Take on me Troubles and gains Take on tomorrow Victories and pains Take on now Moments and truth Take on innocence Naivety of youth Take on yesterday Lessons from past Take on the future Something to last Take on now Like you have never done Take on the moment Like you’ve already won

Am I angry Or sad The horizon lacks a name Am I comfortable Or awkward Pleasure causing pain Am I lonely With company Minutes are so loud Am I aware Or dreaming A shadow in the crowd Am I here Or gone Is it Life I choose to live? Am I changing This season Not […]

Your grace and love Are needed today For in your care Is the only way. We need some strength And little peace To clear the way For fear’s release. He is in your hands As you guide theirs Prepare the doctors And the gifts they share. Thank you, Lord For hearing our prayers Please heal […]

A breath of fresh air Spring’s honest chance… New beginnings abundant Not remembrance or stance. The eternal hope Forwards the March Making it through Passing the arch. Oh Dear Spring Where have you gone? I’m here waiting It’s not the same with you drawn.