11:11 on 11/13
Feeling relief
In long suffering

The toll was high
But you made me strong
Despite the lie

Deceptive they were
But weak in plan
Or judgement blur

And I am blessed
With you inside
And family vest

Moving on
Down a straighter road
And better song.

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Hope In Chaos

A whirlwind 

The mind from the start

Spinning rooms

Racing heart.

Lost in a maze 

Of an open room 

No understanding of rules

Or if it will end soon.

Off balance

Even at the end

But then Your skies

Allows sanity to grin.

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Morning blessing

Taken with NightCap Pro

A moment
Available each day
Though too often missed.
A break-
And needed reminder
For peace to persist.
Quiet minutes
Empty thoughts
Blessings to the eye…
Swelling heart
Through natural light-
Morning graces the sky.