I am thankful For all life does give I’m thankful for family To have a husband and kids I’m thankful for my parents Who taught me wrong from right And even my brother Who helped improve my strength and might I am thankful for food And the sacrifice in all things I’m thankful for holy …

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The whisper of knowledge is profound Whether in our bodies Or on the ground. The sound of silence is loud and plain Whether ignoring another Or enjoying the rain. The presence of sleep is noise Whether in the plants Or that death employs. The sound of peace is foreign Whether in the news Or deep …

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I’ve Wasted years Missed youth I’ve wasted tears Missed the truth I’ve wasted money Challenged bills I’ve wasted love Looked for thrills I’ve wasted thought Emptied the mind I’ve wasted heart Not being kind. I’ve wasted breath Gambled time Now I’m wasted On cheap red wine.