Sneer and Regret by JusTee We see itThroughout life…Once here,Now gone by night. That final time,Driving away-When we are not there,And now nothing to say… Yes and the whispersOf loss or when we met-Pay attention…“We’ll get you yet” Oh but we are deafTo snickers and snorts…Lessons from them-We have our retorts… Until you start the... Continue Reading →

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Dead Day

Halloween by JusTee There are momentsWhen you break-Like a vaseA shelf forsakes…Still the shatterDespite being strong-All in resistanceOf what is going wrong…And you begFor hurt to be seen-And hopeOf what someday will bring…And there is a planSo much bigger than yours-And that knowledgeDoesn’t change what’s ignored…Because you are humanDespite any goal-And in some casesLife is... Continue Reading →

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Comedian by JusTee I respect Dave Chappell! I also respect that some people do not appreciate his humor. I would respect if those who didn’t like his humor did what I do when I don’t like a comedian… and simply not watch him. His specials poke fun at so many different “groups” and I belong... Continue Reading →

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The Only Truth

Because hatred, and treating people with hatred, has become so common that it is being used as an answer.

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The Line

Image created with Nightsky and Pixlr To mournBefore a death-Is met with forgivenessAnd a debt… For no sorrowCould be planned-Like betrayingWith Hatred’s hand… And still it wasA sight before-Like the RavenThis was never-more. My heart hurtsBut my eyes are dry-Because of storiesBuilt by lies. While this loveWill forever live-I have nothing elseTo you to give.... Continue Reading →

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Image created by JusTee It’s just never the right timeOr dayBut weakAnd so the stones layOneBy oneYou’ll hideI seek.

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Fable of Adam and Eve

Original image taken by JusTee If you throw caution to the windIts only because you believe in no consequences,Or HistoryNor debt-Oh, come the riddles-Lest you forgetFor there are ALWAYS consequencesAnd they come to us yet. Yes, there is history-New are taught to be deceived-Shielded by “evidence”Of no Adam or Eve…. So why then?Believe in anything... Continue Reading →

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Original By JusTee Knock them downCreate a diversionMake so much noiseTo void the occasion Pretend to careAbout opportunity and growthWhile breaking the willAnd what matters most Like a buzzardPursuing live prayLay waste to the deathAnd successful days Swarm the successLike it’s really omissionPoint four fingersSo lost is comprehension So many times a successTo the office... Continue Reading →

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The Mind The pullEvery nerveMinute and hour-I drown in noiseAbsent silenceWith days and sounds…The collapseJust a bodyAnd design…Once keptNow soughtThe mind.

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Colorado 3/14/21 You are so important-To the happiness in my life-That was until-My back felt the knife… The weight of it all-More than old bones can bare-And like a child I think-You are truly unfair. For the next 3 days -Our relationship must end-2-3 feet of snowMeans we’re no longer friends.

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Be Yourself

Original image by JusTee Be yourself they saidStay out of your headShed those tears at nightDon’t burn the light- Be yourself they saidSmile from insideDon’t burn that bridgeBe a part of the ride- Be yourself they saidKeep prayer in your heartTurn to HimEven when you fall apart- Be yourself they saidNot what they desireCast their... Continue Reading →

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Workplace image by JusTee Doors opened-Eyes welcomed-Cheers loud-Hope high. Now work-Reaching goals-Stay quiet-Offered souls. Until complaint-Louder cries-Requesting help-Reality denied. Door re-opensThanks saidBefore goodbyeSevered head.

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Taken by JusTee This is where you goTo give upNo matter the criesOr screamsYou go anywayTo nothingAnd behindIs timeAnd everythingEngulfed in your suffering

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Original image by JusTee The bits of the day lay waste to disaster-may the devils not hear us now. We tip the toe, and grimace at the leaf, as even autumn sparks a challenge. A change in direction for hoped protection, or least delay the inevitable… For no knowledge or effort can change a path,... Continue Reading →

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Finding Merry by JusTee To give a liftIn cheek or timeMaybe a tokenOr a bump in line…Yes to show loveWithout someone you knowGiving to giveChanging one’s low…Bringing warmthOn a frigid nightMaking the effortTo provide some light…Lifting a weightEven when you might breakTaking the momentBefore being too late…Yes this is ChristmasBefore a Happy New Year-While one... Continue Reading →

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The explanation was missingBut when is it not?Seeking that guidanceOr the why…Being lost requires a plan.It has to!Knowing where you are going-Until something changes everything…Now direction is the myth.The sound of each stepYou remember it well.Yes, the quickened heart beatBrings panic in the dark….All from needing more?!!!Not different!But the reason disappeared…Words made lips moveSo lost... Continue Reading →

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This is where I workThis is where I liveOnly to serveAnd give, give, give. I could curseAnd even cryWhile curious facesAngrily wonder why And while it was always thereAnyway I breakFor this is bestowedMy soul in wake For even aliveAll is deadNo matter the forgivenessOr what to beg For in the momentWhen finally yoursYou weren’t... Continue Reading →

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Conspiracy theories are popular in American culture. I have never been one to give into them, or think of them. The idea that the CIA hired Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate JFK doesn’t seem possible to me, for example. Bigfoot sightings are simply for the amusement of the bored or drug-induced mind I think. I... Continue Reading →

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To the song bird who singsNot for perfection or mutterings…Spreading love and so much moreLife, if noticed, is adored-A Presence so pure in devotionLeft for my heart and ear consumption…Thank you for teaching beyond your wingsThe appreciation for simpler things-For without reminders during strifeMore of us would lose in life…So I look as you lead... Continue Reading →

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To walk aboutBecause of voiceAnd waste it allIs just a vice.No glory will comeJust like the lessonIgnorance in kindNo matter who listens.For was it not already written?It does not matterNor what I believeThe world will end anyway-By necessity.And why?People are fools-When they are foolish…And the stars align accordingly.

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For tonightDancing upon the graveTeach the lifeAnd sacrifice I gave.The living may not knowAs We lay dyingThe clarity nowBlocked by their crying.Oh the rageAs seeds are laidNever mind the needOr price I paid.And You will knowToo little too lateJust like usThis is your fate.

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The theft in the nightMore wrong than rightSome people walkMore to sinIn a distanceAnd next of kinAnd we waitWhile many fallIn the mirrorOr down the hallAnd when we wakeFrom morning blissWe went from thenTo being this.

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A similar purposeWhile being differentOffers the biggest divide. And so we watchWhisperAnd cowardly hide. Humans evolveAnd stay behindA natural practice. And here we areStuntedReality simply to distract us.

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I think love has purpose even if it’s pain. After all what else gives you so much to lose- with unbidden right to complain? Each year it’s recognized- a little more youth is lost And you add up the experience - while grimacing at the cost The bends of the mind only squeeze the heart…... Continue Reading →

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All or Once

The path taken year after year Changes as it should- Lest steps seem only foreign Forgotten is something good… Sow a lavender bush perhaps Bring calm back in place- Until serenity falls in grievance Drained by ache and waste… Deaf ears lead blind eyes Bounded by an induced agony- Losing all or once A consequence... Continue Reading →

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Void of regular emotion Young become zombies to life Isolation a given confinement Self-torcher for insight. No one knows the adversary Or understands… It’s different now Because reality is what we pretend. Ghosts walk the halls, movies and games Solving the next mystery And deciding who to blame. . . Then causing new misery In... Continue Reading →

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Life Change

Fuzzy skies As brain cells bend In mortal change Or comfort’s end- Feel the loss But earn a win Escape the prison Of history’s sin… Pray a break Of second’s sleep And stolen moments Confusion weeps… Now to breathe And live again As intended Or anxiety lends… For not of purpose Just natural fate- Future-proof... Continue Reading →

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See Me

So much my life Not begging to be seen Has crippled progress And time… Now asking for notice No finding of voice Desires a break Before prime.

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As the bees buzz And snakes crawl Dragging summer Grass stands tall... Crickets sing When birds lay sleep Within the season The soul does keep- For life lives In all living things So many verses Beyond the strings... Inches from slumber- Or living again Live the now Before the Then.

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I see the story And know the trends What is worshipped And has no end. And there is now Like the ocean floor What you thought And where you soar... And like a partner Not just a friend- And the beginning With no real end... I’ll be there And beyond that too- For it’s simply... Continue Reading →

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Blood boils so quick anymore.... Always a joke- Can nothing be serious? Or even answered? Taking care is for granted- Maybe that’s why I stopped for so long? Clearly not long enough- Like time ever would be.... Pain is numbing Until it hurts- Or you stop. Does it stop? Or do you just go- I... Continue Reading →

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To Know

Image by JusTee Someone you know-AND used to know-Is a complicated mess..You wait for timeAnd common senseTo get you through “this”… It always hurtsBut tears are dryAs days and months pass…Yet it wasn’t meWho asked for thisOr the one who made it last. In body you are aliveAnd wellAnd that is all I know…Still when... Continue Reading →

Image by JusTee It’s like dustAnd our age,The sour smellBut benefits of sage…Or the healingWithin the spring-To only breakWith winter’s swing…It’s like the rageOf a perfect stormWhipping the pageAnd breaking the norm…It’s like marriageStrong and true-Only to breakBefore you knew…It’s like the screamAfter the cry-No matter the effort,Ours are or my…And it’s utteringYour greatest fearYes... Continue Reading →


Image created by JusTee and Pixlr I am so tired of feeling hated.I am tired of my emotions being traded. I’m so tired of bending and learning while others remain deaf and dumb.I am tired of loving only for every inch of you to be numb. I am tired of a life with all of... Continue Reading →


Image by JusTee You were so fastIn your chameleon waysTo toss us asideWithout a say…So angryIn words and action-To benefit at all, no-But aid distraction…You were so sureIn a fight for right-That you gave upGoal and sight.Now like a balloonYou are free-May you find the viewAnd the ability to see.

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