Image by JusTee

A bag of needs
Without the give
Makes for a miserable
Life to live

May you find the one
As cold as you
Just as deserved
Giving just as you do.

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Sneer and Regret by JusTee

We see it
Throughout life…
Once here,
Now gone by night.

That final time,
Driving away-
When we are not there,
And now nothing to say…

Yes and the whispers
Of loss or when we met-
Pay attention…
“We’ll get you yet”

Oh but we are deaf
To snickers and snorts…
Lessons from them-
We have our retorts…

Until you start the car
To Away one last time,
From what was theirs,
And now barely mine…

It’s when you were,
Because no present is left…
And all that is left,
Are sneers and regret.

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Dead Day

Halloween by JusTee

There are moments
When you break-
Like a vase
A shelf forsakes…
Still the shatter
Despite being strong-
All in resistance
Of what is going wrong…
And you beg
For hurt to be seen-
And hope
Of what someday will bring…
And there is a plan
So much bigger than yours-
And that knowledge
Doesn’t change what’s ignored…
Because you are human
Despite any goal-
And in some cases
Life is just a toll…
So the ground shakes
And the winds carry-
All the hopes
Or any goal of being merry..
Instead the dead
Rise from before-
Within the depths
Or covered floors…
And the demons
Have their day-
For NO Halloween
Escapes their prey.

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Comedian by JusTee

I respect Dave Chappell! I also respect that some people do not appreciate his humor. I would respect if those who didn’t like his humor did what I do when I don’t like a comedian… and simply not watch him. His specials poke fun at so many different “groups” and I belong to a few of them. I appreciate how he spreads the fun/love.

I respect different views and life choices, but I don’t respect others deciding their views are more important than mine. I respect differences, but cancel culture does not; and that is the problem with it!

I’m thankful to laugh. My heart feels better when I do. Thank you, Mr. Chappell! You make me laugh! Laughs should never be cancelled.

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The Only Truth

Image taken by JusTee

Lately, I am often confused and angry about this “life.” There are just too many steps backward anymore. I feel tossed aside, and maybe other people do too. When is enough – enough?

As truth and lies become hidden – the ability to make choices wisely loses existence. Our minds are creative and have no problem creating possibilities for us to believe. The mind’s creative network is fast to give us possibilities to the facts we are missing. If we do not get the answers fast enough – a NEW truth can be born, and it becomes one of the most difficult things to un-believe. Its amazing how quickly we can become the walking dead. Have you chosen to kill, or be eaten, yet?

Each month I have seen more and more changes in people, and even more to people closest to me. The changes have not been good, and I do not have the answers why. I have possibilities though! I must fight knowing them to be the truth. I do know that I do not have to make the actions from others that I see as wrong, okay. If you ask to leave my life I am never going to try and stop you. No matter who you are. No, I will open the door, and recognize the steps taken by the other person are not mine to choose. It doesn’t mean I do not hurt, and it never means that I know, or understand, why. Instead, it means that I know my value, and I will not lower it by asking someone to stay. People need to know that just because one opens the door for you to leave – does not mean they will be there to open it if you ask to come back someday. Once I open the door for you to leave – I have choices too.

So why do I write this? Because hatred, and treating people with hatred, has become so common that it is being used as an answer. It’s not my answer, but more people are using it to fight me, and to fight many of you. No one deserves hate. No one is required to take being treated with hate. More importantly, no one needs to respond with hate. Hatred is a prison with a tough lock to open. Instead – just open the door! No matter who it is… let them make their choice to walk through it. If they walk out – smile when you close the door behind them. Give yourself the chance to cry and scream privately and choose your responses wisely. I have found not responding is a response, and a powerful weapon against hatred. For there is no “reason” in hate! And that is the only truth I need to know.

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The Line

Image created with Nightsky and Pixlr

To mourn
Before a death-
Is met with forgiveness
And a debt…

For no sorrow
Could be planned-
Like betraying
With Hatred’s hand…

And still it was
A sight before-
Like the Raven
This was never-more.

My heart hurts
But my eyes are dry-
Because of stories
Built by lies.

While this love
Will forever live-
I have nothing else
To you to give.

You’ve made a choice
And in kind is mine-
For no punishment fights,
Quite like truth and lines.

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The Long Road: Diverticulitis


My husband was diagnosed with a complicated case of diverticulitis in the latter part of May. It’s a condition I wouldn’t wish on anyone, and a condition I had never heard of. We are now over a month, and two surgeries into this condition.

For the record, the first day started with my husband having pain below his belly button, and feeling maybe constipated or full of gas. Then the pain moved and to the right. I rushed him to the ER thinking maybe he had appendicitis. I was surprised when they told me about diverticulitis, and that they were going to admit my husband into the hospital. They sent him home after several days on oral antibiotics. If only that had worked.

The antibiotics didn’t work and back to the ER we went with more pain, and then came surgery number one. The first surgery was 17 days ago, and it was to remove an infection that had packed into the lower part of his small intestine that oral antibiotics were not touching. Next, was a PICC line inserted in his upper arm for us to administer IV antibiotics ourselves for 2 weeks from home.

Despite the efforts, his pain never went away, and so the final surgery today was unavoidable. Today was a surgery to remove 3 inches of his colon/large intestine that was infected with the diverticulitis. A 3-hour surgery lasted closer to 5 hours, and I have never been so scared and stressed in my life.

I felt as though God was saying “I’ll teach you patience yet” while every nerve in my body rebelled in protest. And yet I lost the battle. For patience was not a choice in this endeavor, but a must. I had no control of the movement or what was to happen. So, like a defeated dog, I waited in the corner, for time to finally end.

At last it did. Out of surgery my husband finally came, and in recovery he was calling my name. The nurses brought me back to the recovery room early because he kept asking for me. Thank God, of course! Thank you for another day together. May his body finally heal to where he can go back to living again.

It turns out many people have the condition, and never know it because it stays diverticulosis and is more common in elderly adults. However, when one of these little balloon pockets become infected, and then bursts, the havoc on the body gets complicated and then it’s diverticulitis. I have watched my husband suffer for more than a month, and it has been a horrible experience. We have both been so helpless because this isn’t something that any past illness can prepare you for. The process to get here was long even with us getting lucky.

Listen to your body everyone, and pray you get to the right doctor who performs the right test to diagnose you correctly the first time. I am grateful we were lucky, and found the right doctor at the right time.

Although a long road is still ahead- it is finally a road that should have an end.

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Image created by JusTee

It’s just never the right time
Or day
But weak
And so the stones lay
By one
You’ll hide
I seek.

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Fable of Adam and Eve

Original image taken by JusTee

If you throw caution to the wind
Its only because you believe in no consequences,
Or History
Nor debt-
Oh, come the riddles-
Lest you forget
For there are ALWAYS consequences
And they come to us yet.

Yes, there is history-
New are taught to be deceived-
Shielded by “evidence”
Of no Adam or Eve….

So why then?
Believe in anything else?
Yes it must be safe
In ALL to rebel…

Come now children
As you grow old-
Tell us your stories…
As life unfolds…

And when brought to your knees-
Or broken in heart-
Left now only
To go back where you start…

Yes, that day
When life chooses to deceive…
Just like that fable
Of Adam and Eve.

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Original By JusTee

Knock them down
Create a diversion
Make so much noise
To void the occasion

Pretend to care
About opportunity and growth
While breaking the will
And what matters most

Like a buzzard
Pursuing live pray
Lay waste to the death
And successful days

Swarm the success
Like it’s really omission
Point four fingers
So lost is comprehension

So many times a success
To the office jerk
But one day it ends
And we fight for that perk.

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The Mind

The pull
Every nerve
Minute and hour-
I drown in noise
Absent silence
With days and sounds…
The collapse
Just a body
And design…
Once kept
Now sought
The mind.

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Colorado 3/14/21

You are so important-
To the happiness in my life-
That was until-
My back felt the knife…

The weight of it all-
More than old bones can bare-
And like a child I think-
You are truly unfair.

For the next 3 days –
Our relationship must end-
2-3 feet of snow
Means we’re no longer friends.

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Be Yourself

Original image by JusTee

Be yourself they said
Stay out of your head
Shed those tears at night
Don’t burn the light-

Be yourself they said
Smile from inside
Don’t burn that bridge
Be a part of the ride-

Be yourself they said
Keep prayer in your heart
Turn to Him
Even when you fall apart-

Be yourself they said
Not what they desire
Cast their demons
Bring the angel’s fire-

Be yourself they said
Even when you lose what’s close
When they tear you down
Keep the value you chose-

Be yourself they said
Even when we’re not here
Be the dream inside
Not what you fear…

Yes be yourself they said
The different and strong
Don’t break in weakness
Don’t lose your song…

And I’m myself I know
Because of what they did
I am their strength
And always their kid…

Be yourself, I said.

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Workplace image by JusTee

Doors opened-
Eyes welcomed-
Cheers loud-
Hope high.

Now work-
Reaching goals-
Stay quiet-
Offered souls.

Until complaint-
Louder cries-
Requesting help-
Reality denied.

Door re-opens
Thanks said
Before goodbye
Severed head.

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Taken by JusTee

This is where you go
To give up
No matter the cries
Or screams
You go anyway
To nothing
And behind
Is time
And everything
Engulfed in your suffering

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Original image by JusTee

The bits of the day lay waste to disaster-
may the devils not hear us now.

We tip the toe, and grimace at the leaf, as even autumn sparks a challenge.

A change in direction for hoped protection, or least delay the inevitable…

For no knowledge or effort can change a path, thus mysteries strengthen…

For only a dragon hunting it’s fly-
offers life’s explanation.

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Finding Merry by JusTee

To give a lift
In cheek or time
Maybe a token
Or a bump in line…
Yes to show love
Without someone you know
Giving to give
Changing one’s low…
Bringing warmth
On a frigid night
Making the effort
To provide some light…
Lifting a weight
Even when you might break
Taking the moment
Before being too late…
Yes this is Christmas
Before a Happy New Year-
While one is hoped for
Make your Merry sincere.

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The explanation was missing
But when is it not?
Seeking that guidance
Or the why…
Being lost requires a plan.
It has to!
Knowing where you are going-
Until something changes everything

Now direction is the myth.
The sound of each step
You remember it well.
Yes, the quickened heart beat
Brings panic in the dark….
All from needing more?!!!
Not different!
But the reason disappeared…
Words made lips move
So lost must have been the sound?
Who hears a tree?
Do I?
Now walking the same path
Only to find a fork in time…
Steps are muted-
Leather lost in the wonder-
And if I was even there.

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This is where I work
This is where I live
Only to serve
And give, give, give.

I could curse
And even cry
While curious faces
Angrily wonder why

And while it was always there
Anyway I break
For this is bestowed
My soul in wake

For even alive
All is dead
No matter the forgiveness
Or what to beg

For in the moment
When finally yours
You weren’t there
Or anything more…

While out of excuses
In place of regret
Loneliness in capture
In all you forget.

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Conspiracy theories are popular in American culture. I have never been one to give into them, or think of them. The idea that the CIA hired Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate JFK doesn’t seem possible to me, for example. Bigfoot sightings are simply for the amusement of the bored or drug-induced mind I think. I believe in aliens, but only because I would be sad if our imperfection resembled the only intelligence in the universe. I have never believed in a conspiracy theory, until I had one of my own thanks to China!

I avoid watching the news. The negativity from the news and political commercials is a waste of time for me. My husband, however, follows enough things on social media that occasionally a new story is brought to my attention. This week had one of those days. While getting ready for the day he casually said “A new flu virus is reported in China.” “Oh great! That’s all we need” was my response. Within minutes my very first conspiracy theory was born and I truly believe it is as possible as aliens.

Let me first say that I have had a couple people say conspiracy theories to me about COVID-19. One was on the news, and then repeated to me by my parents, that China purposely released the virus to help reduce their elderly population. That is ridiculous to me. I am not educated on Chinese culture, but I do know the elderly are revered, and so I see theory as impossible. The next theory was said to me by a coworker, and his sounded way more possible. He said there have been growing concerns of people grouping together in China and sharing ideas that are against the current government. What better way for the government to stop this, then to release a virus that would stop groups from gathering. I didn’t think this was the case, but I could see it being possible at least. I think mine is better though!

The United States is a mess right now. The handling of COVID-19 hasn’t worked. I think the information President Trump, the CDC and WHO had, and when they had it, was by special design. Americans, and our politicians, have wasted time blaming each other for the unknown, and I think China’s government knew that would happen. What’s more, the movements in America create a perfect distraction for looming shut downs and bankruptcy. People are so busy fighting each other that life will be over before it’s noticed and our government is playing right along. It’s such a waste of time blaming only one group i.e. Republicans, Democrats, whites, blacks, police and so on. Especially when our future is possibly being stripped away by the hands of another country’s government. So here is my conspiracy theory:
What better way to become the financial leader of the world, then to release a virus you already know how to battle, to the world but defeat quickly in your own country? The virus that no one else knows, and will take significant time to learn, that can shut down life, and business as we know it. The governments of Americans have nothing better to do when they fight and judge each other. Meanwhile freedom to run your own life has stopped. Things started to open up just before the next wave was to hit the states. And what if it is known that the virus can only live and wreak havoc so long? What then? A new flu or virus release perhaps? Until finally so much money has been lost or hemorrhaged -the strength of a nation can only crumble in cave. The end is left with a country that released the virus to be the only one stronger and surviving.

This post is purely a conspiracy theory, and is without merit or truth. Perhaps it is the result of no new television shows or movies to entertain my mind!

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To the song bird who sings
Not for perfection or mutterings…
Spreading love and so much more
Life, if noticed, is adored-
A Presence so pure in devotion
Left for my heart and ear consumption…
Thank you for teaching beyond your wings
The appreciation for simpler things-
For without reminders during strife
More of us would lose in life…
So I look as you lead the way
And carry the words I do pray-
Please play your song for me,
For in it I am truly free.

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Steps forward
Are the only to take,
Whether at the beginning
Or at golden gates…
Steps going back
Are tainted with remorse,
Foolish actions
Love lost in the course…
Yes there is bad
Even when there is great,
Become the compass
Instead of the hate…
Don’t speak with BUT
Or argue a lie,
Don’t lay down your strength
Wasting your Try…
For in the mirror
And inside your ears,
Stands who you are
Don’t be cavalier…
For it starts with You,
Your actions taken-
It starts with now,
Let your spirit awaken.

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To walk about
Because of voice
And waste it all
Is just a vice.
No glory will come
Just like the lesson
Ignorance in kind
No matter who listens.
For was it not already written?
It does not matter
Nor what I believe
The world will end anyway-
By necessity.
And why?
People are fools-
When they are foolish…
And the stars align accordingly.

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For tonight
Dancing upon the grave
Teach the life
And sacrifice I gave.
The living may not know
As We lay dying
The clarity now
Blocked by their crying.
Oh the rage
As seeds are laid
Never mind the need
Or price I paid.
And You will know
Too little too late
Just like us
This is your fate.

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The theft in the night
More wrong than right
Some people walk
More to sin
In a distance
And next of kin
And we wait
While many fall
In the mirror
Or down the hall
And when we wake
From morning bliss
We went from then
To being this.

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A similar purpose
While being different
Offers the biggest divide.

And so we watch
And cowardly hide.

Humans evolve
And stay behind
A natural practice.

And here we are
Reality simply to distract us.

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I think love has purpose even if it’s pain.
After all what else gives you so much to lose- with unbidden right to complain?

Each year it’s recognized- a little more youth is lost
And you add up the experience – while grimacing at the cost

The bends of the mind only squeeze the heart…
And it’s the swollen eyes in mirror – who tell you are coming apart.

Better to have loved and lost – we already brace for little gain…
But in these matters it’s never been about the rules- but how you play the game.

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All or Once

The path taken year after year
Changes as it should-
Lest steps seem only foreign
Forgotten is something good…
Sow a lavender bush perhaps
Bring calm back in place-
Until serenity falls in grievance
Drained by ache and waste…
Deaf ears lead blind eyes
Bounded by an induced agony-
Losing all or once
A consequence of your apathy.

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Void of regular emotion
Young become zombies to life
Isolation a given confinement
Self-torcher for insight.
No one knows the adversary
Or understands…
It’s different now
Because reality is what we pretend.
Ghosts walk the halls, movies and games
Solving the next mystery
And deciding who to blame. . .
Then causing new misery
In order to wake up or wise
Without maturity of consequence
Or the ability to reverse time.
So absent of future
And certainty of death-
Merely the sake of forgiveness
Only after true regret.

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Dear Life, Thank you!

For without reality
Where would I be?
One would hope
More than I see.
Change the past
Ignore the present
Forget the parents
Or being peasants…
For wanting more
Loses who we are
Where we’re going
Or even how far.
Or what was innocent
Or even dumb
What we felt
Or being numb…
And we learn
Just a little too late
Beyond missed hugs
Or present dates…
And we wake up
As others sleep
Like the lion
Consuming sheep…
And all the fails
Becomes victory’s win
And when we go to tell
Their gone by then…
But I was young
And you were old
And the middle came late
Before the story unfold.

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Life Change

Fuzzy skies
As brain cells bend
In mortal change
Or comfort’s end-

Feel the loss
But earn a win
Escape the prison
Of history’s sin…

Pray a break
Of second’s sleep
And stolen moments
Confusion weeps…

Now to breathe
And live again
As intended
Or anxiety lends…

For not of purpose
Just natural fate-
Future-proof the mind
In a thermal stalemate.

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See Me

So much my life
Not begging to be seen
Has crippled progress
And time…

Now asking for notice
No finding of voice
Desires a break
Before prime.

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As the bees buzz

And snakes crawl

Dragging summer

Grass stands tall…

Crickets sing

When birds lay sleep

Within the season

The soul does keep-

For life lives

In all living things

So many verses

Beyond the strings…

Inches from slumber-

Or living again

Live the now

Before the Then.

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I see the story

And know the trends

What is worshipped

And has no end.

And there is now

Like the ocean floor

What you thought

And where you soar…

And like a partner

Not just a friend-

And the beginning

With no real end…

I’ll be there

And beyond that too-

For it’s simply me

Inside of you.

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Blood boils so quick anymore….

Always a joke-

Can nothing be serious?

Or even answered?

Taking care is for granted-

Maybe that’s why I stopped for so long?

Clearly not long enough-

Like time ever would be….

Pain is numbing

Until it hurts-

Or you stop.

Does it stop?

Or do you just go-

I do.

I did.


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I Would Like…

I would like the start with what I know
If I hadn’t lost it and how
Or use the map that got me here
But then where would I be right now?
Knowing my way around
Would be new or complete?
Or appreciate what I have
Instead of wasting with defeat.
Yes and to communicate
In a way I can be heard…
Where the receiver gets the message…
By hanging on every word.
I would like to give stones-
Where each step would make sense…
And to share a special gift
With love so intense…
I would like to know what I’ve done
Before only my spirit is left to hear…
And to know who I’ve touched
Before only goodbyes and tears.
I want to feel companionship
In hand and by toes…
I want to love life and place..
And I hope to make it show…
Yes I have so many goals
But rarely the right plan…
I suppose there is tomorrow…
Such is the sane of a foolish man.

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Image by JusTee

Four eyes
Two noses
Equals a job done right…
Until morning,
And the headache,
Laminates the mistakes…
From last night.

Alien by JusTee

The smell of death consumed the January morning. Not the metallic smell of human blood, but the sweet surrender of hope and dreams as life sleeps. Humans believe the slumber of nature is the source of their winter blues, but it’s really knowing that each year ends and begins sadder than the ones before. The key to craziness is to test their eyes when they are young.

Carefully I explored the neighborhood I crashed in. Lights are mostly out by 9pm, and life forms beyond the occasional cat or rodent are difficult to come by. I do know why some adults are awake though. The chosen few adults over 30, nestled by as minimal light as possible, comforted by their vice of choice. If these adults were the ones to see me, it would be such a waste. Belief in misery beyond themselves is already gone.

Carefully I tread between homes and climb quietly to upper story windows. Young children, with open eyes and big imaginations, are often in the upper level of human homes. I need the perfect child to see me. The one who looks like they showered two days ago and have not combed their hair since.

Finally, the fourteenth house on the left side of Ivory Street brings my victory. He crawled out of bed as soon as he saw my light getting closer to the window. I could see the cheap white blinds raising slowly. He sees me! I saw his jaw lower quickly with surprise. Immediately his eyes went from my face to my arm, and up to the balloon I was carrying. After several moments he was brave enough to open his window just enough to ask me a question…

“Excuse me” he asked with a high and innocent tone, “Where did you get that balloon?”

They never ask who you are. That is only happens in the movies here.

“Oh, this little thing?” I replied with my three digits pointing…. “I borrowed it from my dear friend.”

With almost no time expiring after my final word, the little boy’s breath stopped as he slammed down the window and began screaming for his parents. By the time the lights were on, and they rushed in the room, I was gone from sight. I was nice enough to leave the balloon on a limb of the front yard tree, though. It’s important that they believe that their little boy truly saw something, or the nightmare can’t be complete.

Years of counseling, and interviews with government folk, would be in this family’s future. Hypnosis would reveal he indeed saw something, but would never be clear what exactly, or who exactly, it was. People in town would always remember his name, and he would forever be known as that “crazy little boy.” He would know, and his parents would know, enough of the truth to recluse themselves from almost all public interactions for years to come. Like the others in the past, a future with the vices they choose will be forever tied to that New Year’s morning in 2022.

Yes… my routine may be cruel, but there is nothing better, then starting off a town with a New Year’s Fright, and to tie a few lives forever to one night.

2022 to Change

It’s 2022, and this year I have decided to try journaling my thoughts and ideas, starting with the first day of the year. I thought about this idea weeks or months into previous years, so here goes everything! Day one was not a huge success- I simply created a simple cover for my binder- but at least I started on day one. Today is day two and I am writing, so this is a marked improvement. Today’s inspiration is management: management of our lives, within our companies, within our government, and even the Denver Broncos. Only two days into 2022, and I can see management is clearly an issue.

For me, 2021 was a giant mess, and my life was no different. My husband got super sick, two of my four kids left my life, my parents had their struggles, and the company I work for was an equal disaster. While watching the Denver Broncos play today, I echoed the same thoughts as I had all season. The management of the Broncos is a mess, and the players, along with the fans, are the victims of the mismanagement. I also thought the same idea applied to my company… management and executives would rather blame the little people, instead of management, and therefore the lowest level of the company is the only place changes are made. My parenting skills are equally in question… I was so blinded by what I wanted to see, that I was unable to view the issues to stop them. Yes, 2021 was a year of suffering, and it was largely due to mismanagement.

I am not a complete doom and gloom kind of person- although conspiracy theorists have started to pique my interests. I am grateful that I worked for a company that allowed us to work from home when Covid hit. Working from home allowed me to help my husband recover, as well grow in knowledge despite the distance. Unfortunately, the executives are blind, and so this is simply a temporary stop in my career. It’s a shame because the company could be one of the best places to work, but the “suits” care about “suits” and sales. They fail to see where all the success comes from to appreciate anything more. If only I could say I have managed my affairs any better.

As I sit on the ladder of judgment, I wish I could say I have managed my life better, but I’ve been equally blind. I have believed the stories, and the reality my children sold to me. I managed to learn to care about my daughter’s boyfriend because he was her choice, and I ignored my inner voice. In July 2021, my oldest daughter, her boyfriend, and my youngest son gave the entire family a giant F-You. My husband and I were shocked, my youngest daughter unsurprised, and my oldest son navigated the family waters as best he could. I still don’t know the whole story to explain what happened. I only know they chose to leave us and stay away. The best part… I work at the same company as my daughter’s boyfriend- so I know the lies they are selling, and they are no better than the stories they told to me. Humans are equally blind, aren’t we? So, what should we change? What can I change?

I have no sure ideas about what changes are needed beyond my home. Personally… I need a new job, I need my husband’s health to improve, and I must except he will be permanently disabled. Getting our government to approve his disability is a whole separate obstacle. Kind of frustrating given all the people they’ve handed out money to who have not asked for it. Disability is an argument for another day, though. Instead, the argument, and the agreement, remains the same… Change is needed.

So, here is the start of my 2022 journey. I will make more time to write and see the changes needed. I will find steps forward instead of standing still. I will hope the management of other things will see the need to make changes in themselves and higher. I will hope the little people in life find a way to be seen. I will also hope my children see their own blindness – even if they stay away from me, their dad, and other family. Mourning your children, even as they live, is not a prison I would wish on anyone, and yet I live it. May the year 2022 be different for those needing different… Myself included.

To Know

Image by JusTee

Someone you know-
AND used to know-
Is a complicated mess..
You wait for time
And common sense
To get you through “this”…

It always hurts
But tears are dry
As days and months pass…
Yet it wasn’t me
Who asked for this
Or the one who made it last.

In body you are alive
And well
And that is all I know…
Still when you left
He was sick
So the loss is yours to grow.

Image by JusTee

It’s like dust
And our age,
The sour smell
But benefits of sage…
Or the healing
Within the spring-
To only break
With winter’s swing…
It’s like the rage
Of a perfect storm
Whipping the page
And breaking the norm…
It’s like marriage
Strong and true-
Only to break
Before you knew…
It’s like the scream
After the cry-
No matter the effort,
Ours are or my…
And it’s uttering
Your greatest fear
Yes a laugh
Before truth by tears…
Each day is life-
Here or not,
In the way…
An afterthought.

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