So there is this spaceBetween old and OLD… You see it by feeling lessWhile caring more-You lose a lot. . .But you learn not to ignore… Time and its limits-Love without return-God without religionLife with burns. . . There is this spaceWe are never toldBut it’s just the roomFor getting old.



The time has comeSpring is hereLife is nowCritter’s cheer. Kitties huntHummingbird’s amazeWith the butterfliesAnd sunshine haze. It’s the perfect noiseComing aliveEverything awakenedSneezes reply. Still the joyAs personalities liveSuch an artistMother Nature is. Take the timeAnd breathe it inIt takes us forwardWe begin again.

The Story


The story…Is both a comedyAnd tragedy-UnfortunateYet grand…In syncWith no plan. The plot,Is true!Still unbelievable…To you? Yes, I digress-It’s something-Those words…Without “how”To not impress. Each scene-Is Needed!Not matter how broken-Lessons pleaded. The narrator,I know!Too well…We talk,And not enough. The story. . .Is nice.Despite the nightmare-My life.

Dead Day


Halloween by JusTee There are momentsWhen you break-Like a vaseA shelf forsakes…Still the shatterDespite being strong-All in resistanceOf what is going wrong…And you begFor hurt to be seen-And hopeOf what someday will bring…And there is a planSo much bigger than yours-And that knowledgeDoesn’t change what’s ignored…Because you are humanDespite any goal-And in some casesLife is … Continue reading Dead Day

Fable of Adam and Eve


Original image taken by JusTee If you throw caution to the windIts only because you believe in no consequences,Or HistoryNor debt-Oh, come the riddles-Lest you forgetFor there are ALWAYS consequencesAnd they come to us yet. Yes, there is history-New are taught to be deceived-Shielded by “evidence”Of no Adam or Eve…. So why then?Believe in anything … Continue reading Fable of Adam and Eve



Original By JusTee Knock them downCreate a diversionMake so much noiseTo void the occasion Pretend to careAbout opportunity and growthWhile breaking the willAnd what matters most Like a buzzardPursuing live prayLay waste to the deathAnd successful days Swarm the successLike it’s really omissionPoint four fingersSo lost is comprehension So many times a successTo the office … Continue reading Jealousy

Finding Merry


Finding Merry by JusTee To give a liftIn cheek or timeMaybe a tokenOr a bump in line…Yes to show loveWithout someone you knowGiving to giveChanging one’s low…Bringing warmthOn a frigid nightMaking the effortTo provide some light…Lifting a weightEven when you might breakTaking the momentBefore being too late…Yes this is ChristmasBefore a Happy New Year-While one … Continue reading Finding Merry

Missing Y


The explanation was missingBut when is it not?Seeking that guidanceOr the why…Being lost requires a plan.It has to!Knowing where you are going-Until something changes everything…Now direction is the myth.The sound of each stepYou remember it well.Yes, the quickened heart beatBrings panic in the dark….All from needing more?!!!Not different!But the reason disappeared…Words made lips moveSo lost … Continue reading Missing Y



To walk aboutBecause of voiceAnd waste it allIs just a vice.No glory will comeJust like the lessonIgnorance in kindNo matter who listens.For was it not already written?It does not matterNor what I believeThe world will end anyway-By necessity.And why?People are fools-When they are foolish…And the stars align accordingly.



For tonightDancing upon the graveTeach the lifeAnd sacrifice I gave.The living may not knowAs We lay dyingThe clarity nowBlocked by their crying.Oh the rageAs seeds are laidNever mind the needOr price I paid.And You will knowToo little too lateJust like usThis is your fate.

Life’s Lesson

I came to an endBefore this life’s beginning… Forced to rationalizeOne life to the next…. And I was frustratedNot because they did everything rightOr I did everything wrong… But because lifeHas little to do with fairOr right and wrong…. And everything to do withBeyond the here and now… Which is why I’m hereAnd they are … Continue reading Life’s Lesson

Dear LIFE!

Dear lifeWhere did you go?Despite sacrificesWhat do you show? Dear lifeI see the blessingsAnd I know my choicesErased the dressings… Dear lifeWe suffer for youGuided by ignoranceWe know not what we do… Dear lifeFor you we pleadNo matter the heartacheIt is you we bleed Dear lifeI’m asking you,Save themNo matter what you do DEAR LIFE!!