Every step was counted As tears were dried And sobs were silenced… Sorrow was left to song Hope was left in prayer And faith closed in scriptures… Speeding was the time Stopped were the answers And reason in oblivion… Stepping off the mortal ledge How and why were wondered And lost was all he knew… […]

Ideas were so much bigger before- Along with wants after needs… Possibilities were endless Along with you and me. Life wasn’t stoppable Even with roadblocks in the way… You just had to keep moving No matter what others would say. And drive kept the engine moving Along with truth and grit… But when time wasn’t […]

The snow it came With inches and wind And a dilapidated fence Met it’s end. The drifts were deep And windows were iced March’s winter Put up a fight. A blizzard by day And a mess in the dark Makes tomorrow’s options Scary to start… But Colorado is true To the reputation it has- 50s […]

Oh how you grow And taunt me to fail… Oh how you stop In forgotten detail… Oh how you try To not let me forget… Oh how I wish Success I would get… Oh how I wait To remember you exist… Oh how the goals Just stay on the list.

Breathe inBreathe outRelease painAnd self doubt Love moreLove youNow forgiveAnd find new Cry moreCry lessFind peaceBecome your best Breathe inBreathe outBreathe inBreathe outBreathe inBreathe out…..

Round and round Around to go Looking for straight Or what to show The wave is high As showers weep Lost in the dust Logic sleeps When moves could be made The world stood still All in the hopes Alone the heart would heal. Beyond the circle And what was done Opportunity lost Within the […]

A moment after momentsUnraveling to start againAnother beginningBefore knowing the end A final tugTo fall apartNeatly balled upTo protect the heart And now the matterTo start it allDown the laneAnd up the wall. And when said and doneI’ll purr once moreHopefully a little betterThan those days before