Calm Down

OKAY WORLD - YOU HAVE GOT TO CALM YOUR BUTT DOWN! Look - I get that there is anger in the world. I get there are problems. I get that people have different opinions. I get it. Move on! Seriously - Move on! Politics are out of control. I have spent months un-following all news …

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Lost Desire

Whether to our Father in HeavenOr the people down below The debt to be paid for peace Is one too few want bestowed. So we live in regret and chaos For it is much more comfortable there For the mirage of coveted control Makes the madness fair. Chaos is needed in politics For that is …

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Politician definition by Merriam-Webster and ME

I found this interesting and it explains why politicians are so disappointing. Here is Webster’s definition: “A person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually shortsighted reasons.” I think our choices look more bleak with each debate. BUT now I know politicians are just doing their job. Sad! My definition is …

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