Dear Life,
I remember living so many years ago-

And life was simple then.

Sunny days were spent outside,

And fun was what it should have been.

Winter storms were a blast when over-

Because forts and snowballs were fun.

And when Mom called us all inside,

We were sad the day was done.

I remember caring about the little things,

And noticing when they were new.

But lately I think I forgot to live

And I think you know that too.

The phones, TVs and various computers-

Have all my time spent.

The walls and cubicles have sucked the life-

That once was Heaven sent.

The schedules and plans take all the minutes

I used to plan with you.

My kids don’t seem to know real life

Because time is taken too.

So I went on a drive to take a walk-

That killed my legs and back.

And while I almost didn’t make it-

The effort was worth the path.

Rocky inclines and spots of snow

Challenged my strength indeed.

St. Mary’s Alice has also changed-

And lost its glacier need.

But when I reached the new end made

Life was in front of me.

So a change of pace changed my life-

And helped my eyes to see.

The walk was what I needed-

And I have a question too…

Dear Life are you looking for me?

Or am I re-finding you?