The Plan

A voice is silent in this yelling spell Eyes open ears While a tongue breaks the heart Healed by drying tears. And whispers in the leaves Fall like screams Just like the memory Soaked by dreams. And I’ll wake Just like times before But gone to the wisdom Or hope for more. Where is this …

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Just like yesterday I remember anew I remember where I was And what I thought too. I remember the shock And pain inside Yet still not comprehending How many would die. I remember the strength And the church down the street I remember the love Among strangers who’d meet. I remember this now Like I …

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Time honored distance Just as night appears Howling may be absent No less present the fears. Skin holds wincing Eyes show the shutter Lonely's cold hands Find heart's panicked flutter. For pace is but a sprint Running Life's pace Mist by the shadows Lighted by the waste.