St Patrick

Oh the fortune of the Irish And ignorance of men Here is luck Back at it again The gold is there You just have to find The rainbow in hiding Or frog in kind Music for dancing Beer for fun Life’s a party When pinching is done. And green in something Beyond eggs and ham …

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Running Behind

No matter the learn - world turns


Human Connection

I want to talk And ignore you too I want to agree But still I stew. I want to imagine Just to forget Know the moment Acknowledge the threat. I want to change What I think I see... I continue to fight In the hopes to agree. I want to stop Before I go... It’s …

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Changes over time Now just different The storm only rages Calm before is gone And permanent Like a stain on a white dress For all it wasn’t After losing what was.



In the back of a minute We are all they’ve got



Loving you Hating you Is the only life I know. Having company Being lonely Are within the seeds I sew Coffee whispers Wine lingers As life has its say And like tomorrow Repeats the now Reason finds its way



Sometimes you change At just the wrong time Everything held against you Existing is a crime. Sometimes you break Along with everything in the room Walls close in Sealed to your doom. Sometimes you stop And life keeps rolling by... Filled with hurt watching But lost is your cry. Sometimes you give up Because you’re …

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