Category: Poetry



Something I said?

Is it my teeth?

Position of my head?

Life is hard

Being this damn good

Waiting on you

To be understood.

So I’ll wait patiently 

And let you take a pic

Then put my lip back

Where my teeth let it stick.

Political BS

The more we share 

The less we learn 

Judgement and righteousness 

Seeds that burn.

No seeking to understand 

Only confirming to “know”

A bubble of anger

Politics will show.

And what in the end 

Will be shown what’s right 

History takes long

For accuracy to write.

What will you matter?

How many arguments will you win?

What will be in your dash?

To learn when born again.

So many lie to themselves 

In the interest of something to say

And while happiness drifts

They, too, will someday.

The Life

No judging please

I like to relax

It doesn’t take much

Facts are facts.

Smeagol is my name

And I’ll be here for a few

Sleeping in a box

Like cats like to do.

Life isn’t rough

And I’m easy to please…

So I’m keeping life simple

It’s the only way to be.


I’ve lost my mind

Or so I have been told

Tends to come

With getting old.

But I feel alright

Until my tongue gets out

Then my eyes shift

And I start to doubt.

Oh I keep things straight

Except the hairs on my head

But they lay down

Once I hit the bed.

I’m not crazy

But I’m not sane

I’m just goofy 

With a walking cane.



Someone unknown
While having a name . . .
Walking the mile
Assigning guilt and shame.
Performing a role
Without knowing how it’s done –
Challenging the winner
Before the game is won.
Defending a stranger
Offering means to succeed…
Not knowing the problem
But fulfilling the need.
Hearing a voice
Sensing a presence near
Required absence
Understanding clear.