Find more tears


For being lostWho is to know?With so many forksWhere to go?And with every stepTiredness creepsBeyond the breathFaded heart beats.And the breakIn only thingsNot in forgivenessOr human beings.Just so tiredWith no way to sleepSo begs one more tearFor the Lord to keep.


NormalSuch a fragile stateNo fortune or promiseBut realizing what is too late…For it’s not to beWhile wasting away-It’s not gaining tomorrow,But losing today…What will life do?But sit back and watch…For it’s no matterWhen permanently lost. . .And what is new?Out of something old…Only what’s left-Minus what we are told.

Be Thanksgiving

Image created by JusTee To be thankfulOr often naughtEasy to ignoreWhat you've got… Common placeThought and actionAlways a chaseMissed satisfaction… One day a yearThe norm should stopA new look takenAcross a table top… Just for the next dayThe worst of people comes-Massaging egosTo flipping off someone…. Thanksgiving often skippedIn minds and storesThe loss of appreciationOr …

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