11/6/22. 5:40am – You fell down 2 stairs with Nala. Said people were there who weren’t (your parents and Jason). Kept getting out of bed to go to your parents or Brian’s at 8:30 in the morning thinking it was later. Thought you drowned something in your gallon of water and stated a fish was in there. Tried fixing upstairs toilet and had no memory. Threw our towels in the laundry and had no memory. Came down and ate the Domino’s we ordered while we thought of you. Then you turned hateful and accusatory towards me and Laura. Locked Scurvy out of the room after he stayed with you all day. Threw my pillows on floor like I was in the way. Sent me a shitty text to stay away until bed. I blocked your number to stop your mistakes. I got Nala’s food and went downstairs with my pillows. All because you over-dosed on ambien and clozapine and acted like it was everyone else’s fault. That was my Sunday. Stay away from my Monday and me. You have no right to ruin my days off! And if I’m sleeping on the floor due to your lack of self control – there is no point to me being married to you. BYW – Laura got up at 6am and witnessed almost everything. No blaming me talking to Laura. You did it all by yourself. How do I feel? Yep! You just came down demanding your medicine. I’ll drop this off to your parents tomorrow. Leave me and the rest of us alone. Share this with everyone. Or not. Victim.