Category: Life


Oh Comfort…

When did you become so bad?

Oh Thrill…

When did you become something to fear?

Oh Youth…

Why did I resent you so?

Oh Age…

Where did my moments go?

Oh Memory…

How did you get so close?

Oh Time…

Thank you for one more chance.

Oh Brain…

Don’t you fail me yet.

Oh Heart…

Let this be our last regret.

Dear Life

  Dear Life,
I remember living so many years ago-

And life was simple then.

Sunny days were spent outside,

And fun was what it should have been.

Winter storms were a blast when over-

Because forts and snowballs were fun.

And when Mom called us all inside,

We were sad the day was done.

I remember caring about the little things,

And noticing when they were new.

But lately I think I forgot to live

And I think you know that too.

The phones, TVs and various computers-

Have all my time spent.

The walls and cubicles have sucked the life-

That once was Heaven sent.

The schedules and plans take all the minutes

I used to plan with you.

My kids don’t seem to know real life

Because time is taken too.

So I went on a drive to take a walk-

That killed my legs and back.

And while I almost didn’t make it-

The effort was worth the path.

Rocky inclines and spots of snow

Challenged my strength indeed.

St. Mary’s Alice has also changed-

And lost its glacier need.

But when I reached the new end made

Life was in front of me.

So a change of pace changed my life-

And helped my eyes to see.

The walk was what I needed-

And I have a question too…

Dear Life are you looking for me?

Or am I re-finding you?