Remember Easy with Us

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Remember easy
Sun rising
Rain pouring
Without care of prizing

Remember lust
And fantasy
Without debt
Or property…

Remember us
Before kids
Without Hers
Or his

And forget now
To have then
Before everything
And after this.

For there is simple
To have, to hold
So many stories
With strength to be told…

Because it takes us
Not me or you
To travel the time
And get to the view.

I am Rich!

Today I turned 41! Crazy! I still don’t feel 40 – so it’s hard to believe I am a year older than that. As I look at my life now I see many struggles. BUT – I also see I am rich. I am rich because I have had 4 children and have never known the pain of losing a child. I am rich because I have a husband and have never known the pain of being a widow. I am rich because I have my mom and dad and have yet to know the pain of losing a parent. I am rich because I have a home, food and amazing animals. I am rich because I have learned to garden, and to work with God for food. I am rich because I have a job – even if it pays poorly and causes more stress than I can explain. I am rich because I am here, I had another birthday, and I still feel younger than I am. Thank God my blessings have exceeded my trails – just as they have the 40 years before. Life is good – even when it’s tough. And I am rich because I know that.


Ideas were so much bigger before-
Along with wants after needs…
Possibilities were endless
Along with you and me.
Life wasn’t stoppable
Even with roadblocks in the way…
You just had to keep moving
No matter what others would say.
And drive kept the engine moving
Along with truth and grit…
But when time wasn’t enough
You simply pushed harder a bit.
Pain was everyday
But so was loving you…
And finally finding a place-
Brought peace inside us too.
Suddenly life was moving
Like the storms of a Spring day…
Somehow something was lost
No matter what I tried to say.
And knowing what to want
Seemed like a fairy of the past…
Color was disappearing
With drowning darkness too fast.
And then to find the blame
When you have equal share…
Makes finding answers miserable…
Along with ones who care.
Knowing you were right
Never abolishes you were wrong…
Moving simply stops…
Each hour way too long.
Suddenly feeling old-
While age makes you young…
With life stealing the stage
From all motivation and fun.
It was all so simple once…
Knowing what to want-
Now it’s like Bloody Mary..
With the mirror left to taunt.
Losing you is hard-
But so is losing me…
How did we become lonely together?
We were simply too blind to see.


I sit on the roof
The bustle is below
Searching for answers
Within what I know
I remember the butterflies
And birds in the trees
I see the world
And the world sees me
A re-acquaintance
Life and me enjoy-
But finding purpose
Is like a gnat to annoy.
So then I listen
Beyond the noise around
And suddenly a voice
In the distance is found.
Calm sets in
Like a breeze setting free-
And a tingling of hope
Lightens the heart within me.
Life can be so hard
When you only live in the noise…
Be within the break
And attach to the joy.

My Little Old Man

The loss of you haunts me
As well a lesson understood
And my heart aches
Because you were just so good.

You brought much joy
And of course frustration too
And you filled our hearts differently
Just by being you

And when we had to let you go
Life didn’t stop
And knowing that seemed cruel
But we are all merely a drop

Life must go on
But it will never be the same
I miss all your noises
And the way I said your name

And I’ll see you again
And I’m glad you are with Lady and more
But it doesn’t make now easier
Or the loss something to ignore.

My little old man was the best
Even when at his worst
Henry was the perfect dog for our family
And I’m glad Heaven gave him to us first.

Broken Heart

My heart was broken once-
So far beneath my core
That kept waiting for perfection
Or to be something more…

Time never seem to heal
A brokenness not to hold back
The emptiness seemed terminal-
Reasons became the facts…

Until one day
A doctor loosed a tongue-
And showed a picture
My heart wasn’t undone.

Yes, there was a crack-
But new love glued it back…
And pain was becoming a memory
Happiness a new track.

Rushing home with tears-
Pouring from pure joy…
Life coming together
No need to play coy…

My arms opened wide…
And lips gave a kiss-
Together only to realize…
A love no fool could miss.

Winter Sadness

Sadness comes with winter
Days are hardly there
Night existing too long in space and time

On the ledge to look straight or down
With silence beyond the gift of snow
Thoughts swirl like cotton in summer

A fear steals the oxygen – …
And then the gasp…
As weakness takes a leap inside

While sitting on the edge alone. . .
Understanding the sorrow now..
At last the strength to weep

It’s Life

It makes you thick
It runs you thin
It finds an way
It always been

It knows no bounds
It never stops
It takes the hits
It gives out shots

It is the present
It is the past
It is the pain
It makes you fast

It doesn’t need me
It doesn’t need you
It keeps on moving
It stumbles too

It is the love
It is the loss
It is the reward
It is the cost

It’s on its own
It’s in us all
It will always be
It will always call

It may be tough
It may be good
It may be confusing
But It’s understood.

The Plan

A voice is silent in this yelling spell
Eyes open ears
While a tongue breaks the heart
Healed by drying tears.
And whispers in the leaves
Fall like screams
Just like the memory
Soaked by dreams.
And I’ll wake
Just like times before
But gone to the wisdom
Or hope for more.
Where is this then?
And why will it be?
Lost in the answers…
Drowned by the sea.
This puzzle
Owned by the plan
Destined to become
Unstoppable by man.


I loved you once
From a distance
A memory
My wish

I loved you once
As an idea
My thought
A kiss

I loved you once
Without question
Or logic
My sense

I loved you once
Before knowing
Our likes
My head

I loved you once
For reasons
Beyond me
I forget

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