There is never just one opportunity-
Or just one simple choice.
Good and bad will always exist-
So careful how you use your voice.

Did you get knocked down?
Were you thankful when you stood?
Did you focus on the anger?
Or from it what was good?

Pain is a part of life-
But so is kindness and love…
I promise one outweighs the other-
So move beyond the shove.

Mouths are filled with razors-
And we often cut others deep…
Apologize when you cause pain-
Or prepare to sew what you reap.

Liars are ugly!
And we have all been one before!
Forgive as you would want to be forgiven-
When honesty comes back to the core.

Give as you want to get-
But don’t do it in order to receive.
Have faith in the power of charity-
And the courage to believe.

We all have what we have-
Because of the history before ourselves…
May you all have a Merry Christmas-
By giving mercy beyond yourself.