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Time Fallacy

Time Fallacy

There they stand
Thinking of all the time ahead
Racing to grow up
Ignoring lines they tread.
Enjoy being a kid!
Sentiment each parent sells
The dream that is always preached
Too often doesn’t turn out well.
Waiting to take responsibility
And rescued in their youth
Then shock from friends and strangers
When time reveals the truth.
You don’t have time you see
So stop wasting another day
Enjoy being young and open
But don’t ignore adulthood on its way.
Nothing lasts forever
Especially keeping time
Regrets leave more moments wasted
The body gets past its prime.
You should only have 1 BUT in your life
And that should be your ASS!
Don’t believe in having later
Or anyone will just let you pass.
Enjoy your youth, yes!
Don’t depend on the best is yet to come….
Adulthood is long and hard
And you will wish to again be young.
Chase that dream each day
Work hard to make it real
Preach honesty in your life
Keep negativity from what you feel.
You don’t have time, kid!
But you do have today . . .
Don’t throw it in the trash
Use your time to work, learn and pray.

Life Steps

Distractions are gone

While thoughts are left

Along with goals

Which didn’t get met.

A rhyme at times-

With a picture to match…

The pieces to puzzles 

And clues to catch.

Solitaire in confinement 

And paths to get lost-

Fearing the total…

While calculating cost.

Hope on the horizon

The moon lights the way…

Clearing a path

Worthy to stay.

Pain and Life

Not being needed

Might be what hurts the most

Value lost

Or never coming close.

Two steps behind

Or never being right 

Failing the battle 

No matter how hard you fight.

Losing yourself 

Or not knowing who you are

Experience missing

Never being a star.

Letting people down 

While you continue your fall

Not seeing the light 

Or end at all.

Until one day

The present becomes the past

And the thankful heart

Proves pain didn’t last.


So often sensing danger

Each time

Foolishly thinking

If you do the right thing

Right will happen.

It never did

The right

Changing direction 

Taking advice 

Only to be more lost.

Glimpses happened 

Of this day

These changes 

These wrongs.

Open hands

Letting go

While my heart breaks

Of all it didn’t know.

I know less now

A burden 

Aging mind

While being fully aware.

Now a distance 

Growing to forever

While possibilities end

As does their power.

One day awakened 

To freedom 

At a heavy cost


Letting Go

Black and white

Logic a friend

But just a moment 

Brings color again.

Pain and anger

Calculated space

Clutching tightly 

So nothing is erased.

Patience with time

Praying for you

Feeling helpless

With so little to do.

No way to show you

Or words you will hear

But patiently waiting

While always staying near.

Human Lesson

Importance is an illusion 

Often coveted by mankind…

Top-down theories –

Keeps reality blind.

Fireworks are quiet

To the sound of bubbles’ burst-

And the mirror unforgiving-

To fantasy’s deadly curse.

Piles build mountains 

Luck fades away…

The importance of the lesson

Lost to yesterday.

A helping hand is destined 

To follow the beggar’s need…

But only if protected-

From the dirty hand of greed.

Leaving It All Behind 

Now that your gone

I guess I expected more 

Tears or anger?

When I walked out the door.

I knew it was over

And the years were gone…

No amount of right 

Would reverse many wrongs.

So now to start over

Even if steps are new…

As long as there is hope

Making it to tomorrow will do.

So here springs eternal 

No need to settle for less…

Maybe I’ll find that easy button?

Instead of my luck to press.