Look UP!

So I come around
When you stop to look-
Sometimes in nature
Or note in a book.
I provide balance
When you fall off course-
I’m not without discipline…
Or nugget of remorse.
Restoring harmony
Is not without waves-
But its to modify the outcome
Or how you behave…
And on the other side
You’ll believe once more-
What you appreciate
And what to adore…
And though it will be hard
You must never quit-
Simply look up…
For the promise you’ll benefit!

Lightning Real

The storm rolls

Without fury or fight

Just a spark in the darkness

To light up the night…

The crows are silent

And the wind is still-

The air hot

But still a chill…

And while the Heaven’s talk

Hell is asleep

But all storms find life

In the silence we keep…

For no secret is sound

And no noise is clear-

Just a reminder that fate

Is present and near.


Pebbles and rocks

Rivers and sand

People and places

Fantasy be damned…

And over the edge

Where fantasies live

No hunger or suffering

Just something to give….

And numb as it was

Alive was inside

Not for what was lost-

But for what finally had died.

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I am Rich!

Today I turned 41! Crazy! I still don’t feel 40 – so it’s hard to believe I am a year older than that. As I look at my life now I see many struggles. BUT – I also see I am rich. I am rich because I have had 4 children and have never known the pain of losing a child. I am rich because I have a husband and have never known the pain of being a widow. I am rich because I have my mom and dad and have yet to know the pain of losing a parent. I am rich because I have a home, food and amazing animals. I am rich because I have learned to garden, and to work with God for food. I am rich because I have a job – even if it pays poorly and causes more stress than I can explain. I am rich because I am here, I had another birthday, and I still feel younger than I am. Thank God my blessings have exceeded my trails – just as they have the 40 years before. Life is good – even when it’s tough. And I am rich because I know that.

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A moment after moments
Unraveling to start again
Another beginning
Before knowing the end

A final tug
To fall apart
Neatly balled up
To protect the heart

And now the matter
To start it all
Down the lane
And up the wall.

And when said and done
I’ll purr once more
Hopefully a little better
Than those days before

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The whisper of knowledge is profound
Whether in our bodies
Or on the ground.

The sound of silence is loud and plain
Whether ignoring another
Or enjoying the rain.

The presence of sleep is noise
Whether in the plants
Or that death employs.

The sound of peace is foreign
Whether in the news
Or deep inside…

The sound of me is hidden in sighs
Whether in the words
Or sullen cries.

The sound of happiness is in the air
Whether spread by birds
Or love to share.

Yes, the sound of life is broken
Whether in the ups
Or downs in token…

But the sound of living is best
Whether in the action
Or stay of rest.