Turn On The Light

All gloom Some anger too Doomsday written By more than a few. When outside The sun still shines Blinded people Of sarcasm and wine. Oh and the blame So easy to pass And so it swings Lost is class. The point of the finger Mirror in toe Equal in error Transgressors fail to know. Oh …

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Future Temptress 

It haunts me Telling jokes Playing games Little pokes Tap, tap, tap Always the same sound  Opportunity knocking  But can't be found. Windows are covered The door without a knob The noise is loud Between these sobs. Temptation is lurking  Don't let it come in The temptress offers  Fate stalls again 

Almost Knowing

A shadow  Where light once was A dream Even if reality. A few steps Mist in the clouds... Bluebirds fly Before the swelling sore. The break  Where glue held tight Loosen grips Of the devil and angel. So wait  Before the scale gives an answer And believe Once was over and never done.