Fable of Adam and Eve

Original image taken by JusTee

If you throw caution to the wind
Its only because you believe in no consequences,
Or History
Nor debt-
Oh, come the riddles-
Lest you forget
For there are ALWAYS consequences
And they come to us yet.

Yes, there is history-
New are taught to be deceived-
Shielded by “evidence”
Of no Adam or Eve….

So why then?
Believe in anything else?
Yes it must be safe
In ALL to rebel…

Come now children
As you grow old-
Tell us your stories…
As life unfolds…

And when brought to your knees-
Or broken in heart-
Left now only
To go back where you start…

Yes, that day
When life chooses to deceive…
Just like that fable
Of Adam and Eve.

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