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Ashes to the ground
Before tossed by wind
Never what was
But path made again…
Life so tangled
When destroyed but together
Like the worn map
Or lost buried treasure…
Proof is beyond
Noon or now
Within the nuance
Or a Will somehow…
For in the loss
Or changing scheme
Lies a purpose
Beyond what it means…
Life is a cycle
That never truly ends
No matter how altered
More to impend…
So often absent
In the course of our lives-
To stop and wonder
The gift being alive.


11:11 on 11/13
Feeling relief
In long suffering

The toll was high
But you made me strong
Despite the lie

Deceptive they were
But weak in plan
Or judgement blur

And I am blessed
With you inside
And family vest

Moving on
Down a straighter road
And better song.


I see the story

And know the trends

What is worshipped

And has no end.

And there is now

Like the ocean floor

What you thought

And where you soar…

And like a partner

Not just a friend-

And the beginning

With no real end…

I’ll be there

And beyond that too-

For it’s simply me

Inside of you.

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The idea of space and time
Is only a moment
No punishment or forgiveness
Or mind with matter…
No, simply a piece
To the game
Or missing peace
Begging fame…
For are we not always nothing?
Until we come to a truth
Is not age or beauty
Fake fountain of youth…
Just a second
In a blimp of time…
Nothing suffered
Or anything mine-
Just the minute
Or a momentary gift…
Payment in trial
For the microsecond lift-
And to believe
It was for something more
Staring out the window
Believing in the door…
Instead of now
And forgiving then-
Because it was a moment
And temporary win.

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Small Blessings

Sometimes beautiful nights come after a really bad day – and such is life.
I understand that without the bad days – I would appreciate good days less.
But… the string of bad days has beat out the good ones too often lately.
And yet…
I know my blessings exceed my trials.
I do!
But the trials keep increasing – and its drowning out the logical part of my brain.
But still I take the time to appreciate beauty from the divine, and I think…
Thank God I got to see one more night.
No wonder the moon is so bright.
May tomorrow have the light of this night tonight.

Lightning Real

The storm rolls

Without fury or fight

Just a spark in the darkness

To light up the night…

The crows are silent

And the wind is still-

The air hot

But still a chill…

And while the Heaven’s talk

Hell is asleep

But all storms find life

In the silence we keep…

For no secret is sound

And no noise is clear-

Just a reminder that fate

Is present and near.

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I am Rich!

Today I turned 41! Crazy! I still don’t feel 40 – so it’s hard to believe I am a year older than that. As I look at my life now I see many struggles. BUT – I also see I am rich. I am rich because I have had 4 children and have never known the pain of losing a child. I am rich because I have a husband and have never known the pain of being a widow. I am rich because I have my mom and dad and have yet to know the pain of losing a parent. I am rich because I have a home, food and amazing animals. I am rich because I have learned to garden, and to work with God for food. I am rich because I have a job – even if it pays poorly and causes more stress than I can explain. I am rich because I am here, I had another birthday, and I still feel younger than I am. Thank God my blessings have exceeded my trails – just as they have the 40 years before. Life is good – even when it’s tough. And I am rich because I know that.