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Someone unknown
While having a name . . .
Walking the mile
Assigning guilt and shame.
Performing a role
Without knowing how it’s done –
Challenging the winner
Before the game is won.
Defending a stranger
Offering means to succeed…
Not knowing the problem
But fulfilling the need.
Hearing a voice
Sensing a presence near
Required absence
Understanding clear.

Not Knowing Why

So often a need to understand 

Is a puzzle that can’t be solved

Delusions hide a truth 

Impatience hides resolve.

Magic is an illusion 

Much like reality in a group . . .

All life faces death 

The old once had youth.

Moments are a consequence 

To a past coming true . . .

Blessing are the lesson

Learning is up to you.

Faith in an outcome-

Despite trials taking comfort’s place

Hides beauty and a power . . .

Too often sacrificed to waste.

Grey skies lead to blue-

The sun will always rise

Stop needing to understand –

Appreciate not knowing why.

In Loving Memory

Amazing Sky
I witnessed the end
With no middle or beginning-
Confusion and torment
And faith growing and thinning….
I heard the stories told
As laughs were appreciated and shared
All about a young man
Who could no longer be there.
The more I learned about you-
Less anything made sense…
Actions so regrettable-
Knowledge missing a defense.
I witnessed amazing love
As a community held tight
Crying together-
Knowing nothing would make this right.
I was part of a goodbye-
Without ever having a hello…
But I will still miss you always. . .
And that is what I needed you to know.


Peace is in the silence 

As night finishes it’s fall

Hope is in the distance 

And so is losing it all.

Steps in between 

Changing how everything fits

An answer is the temptress 

The devil urging to quit.

But then looking to the sky

Reminded just like before

You are the power

I have to find the door.


Silent steps

Along a road with stops.

Noises vary 

Heart in knots.

No plan before

A blueprint now…

Where you were

And finding how.

Two steps back

Stop the pace-

Find the forward

Accept the race.

Sunset an ending

On a path just beginning 

You were waiting 

With hopeful grinning.

Just a step

But a power for more…

You heard my prayer

And opened a door.

On to hope

The gift of peace

Time a friend

To trial’s release.


What is known…

The moon is bright-

The sky now dark

The day ends right.

Another breath

From another day…

Many blessings

And a home to stay.

No other thoughts

If my discipline holds true…

Living for now-

And living through You.


Battle help

Sometimes in life we are so caught up in a storm
That we miss the blessing of it.
Waiting for life to be easy
When easy was never part of the plan.
Every storm brings life.
Every catastrophe brings inspiration.
And yet there are time periods…
Periods so many waste as though seconds didn’t matter.
Time waiting for things to be made right.
And while sitting around waiting –
Often missed is THE lesson.
Each storm has a fight.
But each battle has help.
And if you’re too busy raging against the storm –
You will miss what carried you –
And in missing it –
Regrets are born.

Resisting Change


Knowing very little
About what’s happening now
Something so simple
Or even profound.
Knowing nothing
About what happens next
Despite what some “know”
It’s anyone’s guess.
Submit to the mystery
And be in His care…
Grow through blessings
And out of despair.
An end today
New beginning tomorrow..
Spend the time
With no debt to borrow.
Sacred truths
Come from deep inside
While on the journey
Resist urges to hide.
Explore yourself
Study the distance….
And when there is truth
Less found is resistance.

Saving Grace


Jon’s daily walks brought peace on difficult days, and allowed him to have at least one healthy habit. Today his walk was different. Today the walk cemented a sadness inside – instead of providing solace from a hectic world. The loss of his angel was something there was no comfort for, and even his legs felt her absence.

The love of his life, Dinah, was the flare to his fire. Her life made his worth living. Her death has made his life worth forgetting. When Dinah died suddenly from a brain aneurism last Tuesday his heart broke. How could the Lord take her away from this world? She provided no harm to it. She was the light in Jon’s life, and many others, and now the world was darker without her. Dinah was only 43 years old when she passed from a world that desperately needed her. Jon needed her to make him the best version of himself. Now he questioned whether there was a God at all. So many people with troubled souls live many years, and what God would leave them here, and take the angels away if He was real? “He wouldn’t – The devil would!” he thought.

Now he was left to travel the rest of his days alone, and with much less deserving souls than hers. He is 45 now, and will likely live until he is 90, regardless of drinking too much until he was 37, and smoking until he was 40. His diet will surely clog his arteries, but it won’t matter – his life will still go on even with a heart that barely works. Jon was angry because he knew she would choose to stay here to make the world better, and him healthier, versus becoming someone who once was. She believed in God with unbreakable certainty. Now he wonders what she would feel if her soul still existed. Life was like the skies today – gray and hopeless. No rain or lighting to accompany the cloud cover – just a gray day with no purpose in the clouds.

As he continued walking, and ranting inside, his shoes started feeling heavier and legs weaker. The weight of the world seemed to be cementing to the sole of his shoes. Feeling his pace slowing, and energy fading, he struggled to keep moving. His strength was approaching a wall without volume or shape, but it would hinder his progress as though solid and tall. “What is happening to me? What is slowing me down? ” he thought.

To the left of the long path was a green cable box, and its invited place to rest was a welcomed opportunity. Feeling thankful for long legs – he sat on the box and waited patiently for his feet to rest.

“Where are you, Dinah? I need you here.” Jon said aloud in a whisper wishing she could hear him.

Just then there was a gold beam of light behind him. The day was cool but he could feel warmth on his back. Jon turned to see the light, and it was from a small opening in the clouds allowing sunlight to touch him. Jon felt a sense of comfort instantly. He felt at peace within the moment. The expansion of rays appeared to spread wider and grace more than just an old man on a box. The dread of the day was given a break, and even the birds chirped to welcome the breach in the clouds.

“Jon, God is real and He is here. He brought me home where I am needed most. Stay strong! I am never far away.” Jon heard the words in his mind, but no sound touched his ears. It was as though his Dinah was speaking to him and giving the comfort desperately needed to keep moving. Were the rays he was seeing from Heaven the path to bring her soul home he wondered?

Energy returned quickly to his body. Jon stood up from the box with his feet finding new enthusiasm to move, and the weight that was there moments before was gone. He couldn’t help but smile to himself. “I guess her body didn’t need to be here for her work with me to continue” he thought as he smiled walking the rest of the way home.

“Thank you, God, for shutting my doubts up so quickly. Take care of her! She is special.” Jon said as he looked to the Heavens. The break in the clouds closed, and he was ready to live another day.