Fable of Adam and Eve

Original image taken by JusTee If you throw caution to the windIts only because you believe in no consequences,Or HistoryNor debt-Oh, come the riddles-Lest you forgetFor there are ALWAYS consequencesAnd they come to us yet. Yes, there is history-New are taught to be deceived-Shielded by “evidence”Of no Adam or Eve…. So why then?Believe in anything... Continue Reading →

Be Yourself

Original image by JusTee Be yourself they saidStay out of your headShed those tears at nightDon’t burn the light- Be yourself they saidSmile from insideDon’t burn that bridgeBe a part of the ride- Be yourself they saidKeep prayer in your heartTurn to HimEven when you fall apart- Be yourself they saidNot what they desireCast their... Continue Reading →

Finding Merry by JusTee To give a liftIn cheek or timeMaybe a tokenOr a bump in line…Yes to show loveWithout someone you knowGiving to giveChanging one’s low…Bringing warmthOn a frigid nightMaking the effortTo provide some light…Lifting a weightEven when you might breakTaking the momentBefore being too late…Yes this is ChristmasBefore a Happy New Year-While one... Continue Reading →

Original Image Taken by JusTee Ashes to the ground Before tossed by wind Never what was But path made again… Life so tangled When destroyed but together Like the worn map Or lost buried treasure… Proof is beyond Noon or now Within the nuance Or a Will somehow… For in the loss Or changing scheme... Continue Reading →

11:11 on 11/13 Feeling relief In long suffering The toll was high But you made me strong Despite the lie Deceptive they were But weak in plan Or judgement blur And I am blessed With you inside And family vest Moving on Down a straighter road And better song.

I see the story And know the trends What is worshipped And has no end. And there is now Like the ocean floor What you thought And where you soar... And like a partner Not just a friend- And the beginning With no real end... I’ll be there And beyond that too- For it’s simply... Continue Reading →


The idea of space and time Is only a moment No punishment or forgiveness Or mind with matter… No, simply a piece To the game Or missing peace Begging fame… For are we not always nothing? Until we come to a truth Is not age or beauty Fake fountain of youth… Just a second In... Continue Reading →

Small Blessings

Sometimes beautiful nights come after a really bad day - and such is life. I understand that without the bad days - I would appreciate good days less. But… the string of bad days has beat out the good ones too often lately. And yet… I know my blessings exceed my trials. I do! But... Continue Reading →

Rain from a dry storm Fall like bits of honesty And regret Like a bath... And you fill the beginning Or the end Of Remembrance And wrath

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