Be Yourself

Original image by JusTee

Be yourself they said
Stay out of your head
Shed those tears at night
Don’t burn the light-

Be yourself they said
Smile from inside
Don’t burn that bridge
Be a part of the ride-

Be yourself they said
Keep prayer in your heart
Turn to Him
Even when you fall apart-

Be yourself they said
Not what they desire
Cast their demons
Bring the angel’s fire-

Be yourself they said
Even when you lose what’s close
When they tear you down
Keep the value you chose-

Be yourself they said
Even when we’re not here
Be the dream inside
Not what you fear…

Yes be yourself they said
The different and strong
Don’t break in weakness
Don’t lose your song…

And I’m myself I know
Because of what they did
I am their strength
And always their kid…

Be yourself, I said.

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