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A bag of needs
Without the give
Makes for a miserable
Life to live

May you find the one
As cold as you
Just as deserved
Giving just as you do.


Comedian by JusTee

I respect Dave Chappell! I also respect that some people do not appreciate his humor. I would respect if those who didn’t like his humor did what I do when I don’t like a comedian… and simply not watch him. His specials poke fun at so many different “groups” and I belong to a few of them. I appreciate how he spreads the fun/love.

I respect different views and life choices, but I don’t respect others deciding their views are more important than mine. I respect differences, but cancel culture does not; and that is the problem with it!

I’m thankful to laugh. My heart feels better when I do. Thank you, Mr. Chappell! You make me laugh! Laughs should never be cancelled.


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I am so tired of feeling hated.
I am tired of my emotions being traded.

I’m so tired of bending and learning while others remain deaf and dumb.
I am tired of loving only for every inch of you to be numb.

I am tired of a life with all of this waste.
I am tired of everything being my problem and my mistake.

I am tired, sad and broken…
I am tired of your avoidance while sullen…

So- be angry and hate me now…
In the end it is your loss; someway and somehow.

The Line

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To mourn
Before a death-
Is met with forgiveness
And a debt…

For no sorrow
Could be planned-
Like betraying
With Hatred’s hand…

And still it was
A sight before-
Like the Raven
This was never-more.

My heart hurts
But my eyes are dry-
Because of stories
Built by lies.

While this love
Will forever live-
I have nothing else
To you to give.

You’ve made a choice
And in kind is mine-
For no punishment fights,
Quite like truth and lines.

Be Yourself

Original image by JusTee

Be yourself they said
Stay out of your head
Shed those tears at night
Don’t burn the light-

Be yourself they said
Smile from inside
Don’t burn that bridge
Be a part of the ride-

Be yourself they said
Keep prayer in your heart
Turn to Him
Even when you fall apart-

Be yourself they said
Not what they desire
Cast their demons
Bring the angel’s fire-

Be yourself they said
Even when you lose what’s close
When they tear you down
Keep the value you chose-

Be yourself they said
Even when we’re not here
Be the dream inside
Not what you fear…

Yes be yourself they said
The different and strong
Don’t break in weakness
Don’t lose your song…

And I’m myself I know
Because of what they did
I am their strength
And always their kid…

Be yourself, I said.

Finding Merry by JusTee

To give a lift
In cheek or time
Maybe a token
Or a bump in line…
Yes to show love
Without someone you know
Giving to give
Changing one’s low…
Bringing warmth
On a frigid night
Making the effort
To provide some light…
Lifting a weight
Even when you might break
Taking the moment
Before being too late…
Yes this is Christmas
Before a Happy New Year-
While one is hoped for
Make your Merry sincere.

To the song bird who sings
Not for perfection or mutterings…
Spreading love and so much more
Life, if noticed, is adored-
A Presence so pure in devotion
Left for my heart and ear consumption…
Thank you for teaching beyond your wings
The appreciation for simpler things-
For without reminders during strife
More of us would lose in life…
So I look as you lead the way
And carry the words I do pray-
Please play your song for me,
For in it I am truly free.

Steps forward
Are the only to take,
Whether at the beginning
Or at golden gates…
Steps going back
Are tainted with remorse,
Foolish actions
Love lost in the course…
Yes there is bad
Even when there is great,
Become the compass
Instead of the hate…
Don’t speak with BUT
Or argue a lie,
Don’t lay down your strength
Wasting your Try…
For in the mirror
And inside your ears,
Stands who you are
Don’t be cavalier…
For it starts with You,
Your actions taken-
It starts with now,
Let your spirit awaken.

I think love has purpose even if it’s pain.
After all what else gives you so much to lose- with unbidden right to complain?

Each year it’s recognized- a little more youth is lost
And you add up the experience – while grimacing at the cost

The bends of the mind only squeeze the heart…
And it’s the swollen eyes in mirror – who tell you are coming apart.

Better to have loved and lost – we already brace for little gain…
But in these matters it’s never been about the rules- but how you play the game.


Soft whispers dance
As though ears hear
Or understand
A place
They tempt the earth
Clearing the heart. . .

To remind of life
And cheers
No empty dance on the floor
Or childless playground
Could exist
Inside these whispers.

Image by JusTee

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