I Would Like…

I would like the start with what I know
If I hadn’t lost it and how
Or use the map that got me here
But then where would I be right now?
Knowing my way around
Would be new or complete?
Or appreciate what I have
Instead of wasting with defeat.
Yes and to communicate
In a way I can be heard…
Where the receiver gets the message…
By hanging on every word.
I would like to give stones-
Where each step would make sense…
And to share a special gift
With love so intense…
I would like to know what I’ve done
Before only my spirit is left to hear…
And to know who I’ve touched
Before only goodbyes and tears.
I want to feel companionship
In hand and by toes…
I want to love life and place..
And I hope to make it show…
Yes I have so many goals
But rarely the right plan…
I suppose there is tomorrow…
Such is the sane of a foolish man.

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