Dear LIFE!

Dear lifeWhere did you go?Despite sacrificesWhat do you show? Dear lifeI see the blessingsAnd I know my choicesErased the dressings… Dear lifeWe suffer for youGuided by ignoranceWe know not what we do… Dear lifeFor you we pleadNo matter the heartacheIt is you we bleed Dear lifeI’m asking you,Save themNo matter what you do DEAR LIFE!!



The time has comeSpring is hereLife is nowCritter’s cheer. Kitties huntHummingbird’s amazeWith the butterfliesAnd sunshine haze. It’s the perfect noiseComing aliveEverything awakenedSneezes reply. Still the joyAs personalities liveSuch an artistMother Nature is. Take the timeAnd breathe it inIt takes us forwardWe begin again.

The Story


The story…Is both a comedyAnd tragedy-UnfortunateYet grand…In syncWith no plan. The plot,Is true!Still unbelievable…To you? Yes, I digress-It’s something-Those words…Without “how”To not impress. Each scene-Is Needed!Not matter how broken-Lessons pleaded. The narrator,I know!Too well…We talk,And not enough. The story. . .Is nice.Despite the nightmare-My life.