The time has comeSpring is hereLife is nowCritter’s cheer. Kitties huntHummingbird’s amazeWith the butterfliesAnd sunshine haze. It’s the perfect noiseComing aliveEverything awakenedSneezes reply. Still the joyAs personalities liveSuch an artistMother Nature is. Take the timeAnd breathe it inIt takes us forwardWe begin again.


The Story

The story…Is both a comedyAnd tragedy-UnfortunateYet grand…In syncWith no plan. The plot,Is true!Still unbelievable…To you? Yes, I digress-It’s something-Those words…Without “how”To not impress. Each scene-Is Needed!Not matter how broken-Lessons pleaded. The narrator,I know!Too well…We talk,And not enough. The story. . .Is nice.Despite the nightmare-My life.


Let the Real-World In

I recently responded to a tweet by Scott Morefield. Before responding to the tweet, I had never heard of Scott before, but for some reason his tweet made me respond about information I had regarding a COVID outbreak in a workplace. While his tweet had a political motivation to it- (and politics is something I… Continue reading Let the Real-World In



Sneer and Regret We see itThroughout life…Once here,Now gone by night. That final time,Driving away-When we are not there,And now nothing to say… Yes and the whispersOf loss or when we met-Pay attention…“We’ll get you yet” Oh but we are deafTo snickers and snorts…Lessons from them-We have our retorts… Until you start the carTo Away… Continue reading Nobody’s