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State of Time

Pleasant sounds now have ominous tones

Begging for the worst

Painting the best.

The artist is unknown 

While work is displayed 

Manipulated understanding.

Young are born 

Old still age

Brevity highlighting it all.

Muscles ache

While wasting away

So is the state of time.

Free for Life

Tree of life

Living a life
Locked in a cage
Materials and money
Built and made.

Oblivious to you
And even to me
Forgetting to stop
Or appreciate the trees.

Time was gone
Before my past
Escaped the cage
Free at last.

The dollars were gone
Back was a sense
Fights forgotten
With needed defense.

Nature caught me
Returned to the earth
Forgiven for all
Given new birth.

Again to grow
Endless smile on me
Returning as something
I always forgot to see.

Beautiful and big
Honest and true
Hearing the stories
Painfully told by you.

Stop I whisper
It’s never too late
Life is for living
Not sealing your fate.

Find the rainbows
Look at the trees
Surround yourself with life
Live to be free.

Feeling Proud – Instead of just Down

My Garden

What a spring and summer this has been! I have been unemployed since 3/24/17. I can’t believe 4 months have passed by already. Unemployment has been an extremely difficult situation for me. Finances are certainly an issue, but the effect on my self esteem has been most severe. To my credit – I haven’t just sat around thinking about how bad things are. I have kept busy. The thing that has kept me most busy is my garden, and oh my goodness – am I proud of my garden.

Watching nature work has kept my spirits up. Well – bugs have ticked me off a few times. Especially when it comes to my green beans. But – I have endured and learned – and as a result I am feeling quite proud of my determination and work. My family has supported my ups and downs, as well my excitement for anything and everything that has happened with the garden. While my trials are tough – the blessings of everything and everyone in my life are far greater.

We planted lavender in our front yard years ago to attract bees. The plant did not do very well until this year. Watching the honey bees flock to it is a daily pick-me-up. Watching them work in the garden is fun too. Because of the bees we have had a lot of squash already (both zucchini and crookneck). We have lots of cucumbers starting – they look like cute little gherkins right now.

Honey Bee and Lavender

The squash plants are starting to latch onto the plastic fence my husband put up inside the wood fence. He did this to keep the rabbits out, but now it has a new benefit. I went to pick through the plants yesterday -but there was a long branch I couldn’t move, and I was amazed to see it had little vines that had wrapped around the fencing to climb. It made my day!

Latching on

I really need a job. I really want a job. My self esteem could really use a job. Until that blessing comes – the blessings of my garden and my family are getting me through. Love is incredible that way!

With Care

There were words 

On the tips of tongues 

And then silence 

Before heartbreak begun.

No intention

Or dreadful deed

Just ignored

No matter volume of pleads.

To forgive

When no hurt meant

Is still difficult 

With feelings bent.

Loneliness is often

When it should only be rare

And most often given

From the people who “care.”

Your Best

Your Best

Is the rainbow
The sun
Makes each shadow
A heart break
Reveals some pain
The peace of nature
Makes you sane
Unexpected loss
Leads to unexpected leads
The anger of another
Born by ignored pleads
Revenge an appetizer
Best served cold
Discipline is wasted
If not learned till old.
This moment now
Is the past simply waiting
And my happiness
Is not available for debating.
So my problems
Are simply something to fix
And my success
Can teach you some tricks.
So to each his own
Until help is the request
At the end of the day
Just do your best!

Casting Care

Heart care

Life is a circus
With scary clowns
And many miracles
Up lifting downs.

Humans are a gift
To an old curse
And the knowledge
Preached in verse.

Self is imaginary
Vision is real
The heart holds wisdom
Brain learns to feel.

Life is a trial
Death is the reward
Facts build fiction
To love’s double sword.

To error is common
To learn is rare
Close the eyes to listen
Act to find your care.

Talking Breeze

The dream lives in darkness 

Producing light

Fractured lens

Feeling right.

Resurrection captured

Death was lost


Little cost.

The battle rages on

Inside hurts

Outside pushes

Bloodied shirt.

In the distance


The reward

Careful planning.

Stolen moment praises

Bending knees

Whispered answers

Talking breeze.

Perfectly Seen

Life in moments
Seconds to reality
Minutes pass
Just like sanity.
Right a blurry vision
Wrong a current memory
Forsaking what is
For what was wanted.
Happiness a goal
Instead of being
Changes happened
As hands are no longer needed for time.
Pausing to embrace
The steps lost
Forking a road
On a straight path.
Vision for knowing
Feeling the heart beat skipped
Racing to finish
While hoping for no end.
Better now
Without life bending.
It takes dancing in the imperfection of everything
To finally be perfectly seen.