What Should Have Been

The day the world dropped me off Moments it seemed From a blissful weekend Before meeting reality for the millionth time... And “go to hell” I thought Before knowing I was there Or where I belonged In between What should have been.

Wanting for More

Does it matter The earth falls through my fingers Like wine on the floor The smell only lingers... And I brace For a period of regret After the memories Only Alzheimer’s could forget... And I wait Just like those moments before Getting nothing But wanting for more.


I’ve Wasted years Missed youth I’ve wasted tears Missed the truth I’ve wasted money Challenged bills I’ve wasted love Looked for thrills I’ve wasted thought Emptied the mind I’ve wasted heart Not being kind. I’ve wasted breath Gambled time Now I’m wasted On cheap red wine.


Only a fool Would miss the day Only a fool Would dismiss me this way... Only love Would keep me here Only love Would pass the fear Only you Would miss what is Only you Would leave it like this.


Just like yesterday I remember anew I remember where I was And what I thought too. I remember the shock And pain inside Yet still not comprehending How many would die. I remember the strength And the church down the street I remember the love Among strangers who’d meet. I remember this now Like I... Continue Reading →


Chaos is normal Walking outside Waking up Falling asleep. Within the noise Is a love Cherished memories In moment’s keep.

Heart’s Prayer

Your grace and love Are needed today For in your care Is the only way. We need some strength And little peace To clear the way For fear’s release. He is in your hands As you guide theirs Prepare the doctors And the gifts they share. Thank you, Lord For hearing our prayers Please heal... Continue Reading →

There Is…

There is time Moments Miracles There is heartache Loneliness Wrinkles There are habits Consequences Pitfalls Then some maturity Wisdom Overhauls There are memories Appreciation Love They are gifts Precious Enough

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