Excuse me, Sir…
Please put the stupidity down!
Your opinion isn’t reality-
Not in this country – Not in this town.

Live your life blind-
But please stay away from me.
My heart has eyes-
And the gift is to see.

Hatred is blinding-
And leaves the heart mute.
It consumes the spirit-
Take a different route!

People are not the same-
As there are too many purposes to fill-
Just like foods are unique-
Many flavors life needs us to fill.

Leave your religion at home-
If it makes it right to hate in your heart.
No God blocks loving all-
Only the mind creates that part.

I do not have to agree with you-
And you do not have to agree with me…
Let’s simply respect we are different…
As love is adaptable with different degrees.

Hate is useless-
With much energy needed to hold a grudge-
Love is kindness…
And doesn’t allow hate to budge.

Love your neighbor-
Respect your friends-
This simple principle…
Will bring hate to its end.