Human Connection

I want to talk And ignore you too I want to agree But still I stew. I want to imagine Just to forget Know the moment Acknowledge the threat. I want to change What I think I see... I continue to fight In the hopes to agree. I want to stop Before I go... It’s …

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New Year

Another one gone And a new one in Heart’s now hopeful To begin again Hopeful 18’s success Will put the pain of 17 to rest Mind’s eyes finds secrets To start creating the best. It’s a New Year And in some ways a clean slate- And it’s up to each one of you To fill …

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Where Have You Gone?

A breath of fresh air Spring’s honest chance... New beginnings abundant Not remembrance or stance. The eternal hope Forwards the March Making it through Passing the arch. Oh Dear Spring Where have you gone? I’m here waiting It’s not the same with you drawn.


Silence Sake

Midnight steps Silent for the sleeping Loud for woken ears Mindful minutes. Moments alone Not for loneliness But for space Needless to move But to feel Something beyond myself For the sake of living Before the day.



For there are times The brain falters Wisdom is lost Even when working. In Satan's massacre Or muted cells ... Angels missing Hallows lurking Oh the truth will out I suppose - Even in the haunting where it dwells.


Nature’s America 

Storms rage Is it Heaven or Hell? Satan's game Or warming tell? We fight to know And believe in kind Like so many others Who wish to rewind. The answers are hidden In Present's past We can pretend for now But nothing lasts. Heed the warnings Spare the truth Protect what's important Future fruits. For …

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I’ll Take

I'll take a touch Look Or breath.... I'll take an hour  Panting Sweat.... I'll take an embrace A minute  Or two.... I'll take them all If the moment  Is with you.