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Perfectly Seen

Life in moments
Seconds to reality
Minutes pass
Just like sanity.
Right a blurry vision
Wrong a current memory
Forsaking what is
For what was wanted.
Happiness a goal
Instead of being
Changes happened
As hands are no longer needed for time.
Pausing to embrace
The steps lost
Forking a road
On a straight path.
Vision for knowing
Feeling the heart beat skipped
Racing to finish
While hoping for no end.
Better now
Without life bending.
It takes dancing in the imperfection of everything
To finally be perfectly seen.


I’ve lost my mind

Or so I have been told

Tends to come

With getting old.

But I feel alright

Until my tongue gets out

Then my eyes shift

And I start to doubt.

Oh I keep things straight

Except the hairs on my head

But they lay down

Once I hit the bed.

I’m not crazy

But I’m not sane

I’m just goofy 

With a walking cane.

The Joker

The Joker

I walk in a dimension
There are truths
Dressed in stories
Of the liars den.
I walk carefully
To not wake curiosity
In me
Or in anything.
Whispers taunt
Like wasps circle
No Trust
But fear.
The joker laughs
As the fool trips
On the truth of the ledge
And the romance of the fall.

Pain and Life

Not being needed

Might be what hurts the most

Value lost

Or never coming close.

Two steps behind

Or never being right 

Failing the battle 

No matter how hard you fight.

Losing yourself 

Or not knowing who you are

Experience missing

Never being a star.

Letting people down 

While you continue your fall

Not seeing the light 

Or end at all.

Until one day

The present becomes the past

And the thankful heart

Proves pain didn’t last.