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Be Thanksgiving

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To be thankful
Or often naught
Easy to ignore
What you’ve got…

Common place
Thought and action
Always a chase
Missed satisfaction…

One day a year
The norm should stop
A new look taken
Across a table top…

Just for the next day
The worst of people comes-
Massaging egos
To flipping off someone….

Thanksgiving often skipped
In minds and stores
The loss of appreciation
Or feeling more…

I am thankful
For family and friends
And being too poor
To only spend…

Thanksgiving is food
And heat in plenty
No need to impress
Or think of the enemy…

So here is to giving more thanks
And keeping more in our hearts
Even if missed before
Today is a good place to start.


If you love who I am

Fight for my plea

Not control

And over me…

Fight for happiness

Not life’s soul

For the opposite

Takes its toll…

Love me

Before hating them

Understand time

Can be everyone’s friend…

And when age

Graces you and I

Fight for a difference

Not a lie…

Because where you ended

I began

It’s not what you imagined

But still The plan.

Hello Fuzzy

Hello fuzzy

My old friend

When did we become close?

Or was there a when?

Or just a comfort

Before the tale

The pain inside

And unfortunate fail…

And the break

Before the torch

Running to die

Before breaking a porch…

And understanding

Like only a demon can do-

Holding the burden

Before hitting the truth.

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Heart’s Prayer

Your grace and love

Are needed today

For in your care

Is the only way.

We need some strength

And little peace

To clear the way

For fear’s release.

He is in your hands

As you guide theirs

Prepare the doctors

And the gifts they share.

Thank you, Lord

For hearing our prayers

Please heal his heart

And end our scare.

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There Is…

There is time



There is heartache



There are habits



Then some maturity



There are memories



They are gifts



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Leading The Way

Oh to be young again

Those were the days

Destroying the furniture 

And running all day.

Having more energy

Than people could keep up

And for many years

Acting like a pup.

I’m older now

And I rarely run

But when my family needs me

I get the job done.

Now here you are

With all your youth

Melting hearts with your cuteness 

And working that last baby tooth.

I’ll show you things, kid

For when I’m not around

And I can see in your eyes

You won’t let me down.

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Home is where the heart is

And where you slam the door…

Home is where to cry 

And yearn for something more.

Home is about family 

Not just about me or you….

Home is where to forgive 

And beg for mercy too.

Home is where you learn

Lessons and make mistakes…

Home is where you live

And protect with whatever it takes.

Home is what you leave

And a place to find a way back…

Home is where you find comfort 

And can be a simple shack.

Home can make you sick

When it’s the one place you can’t be…

Home can be the medicine 

And where the soul is free.

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There are days to like you-
And some to hate what you have done.
Moments to love you-
And others to cry some.
There are days to trust you-
And others to doubt…
Moments to hug you-
Or to let you pout.
There are days to leave-
And others to stay…
But living my life with you…
I wouldn’t have it any other way.