Image by JusTee It’s like dustAnd our age,The sour smellBut benefits of sage…Or the healingWithin the spring-To only breakWith winter’s swing…It’s like the rageOf a perfect stormWhipping the pageAnd breaking the norm…It’s like marriageStrong and true-Only to breakBefore you knew…It’s like the screamAfter the cry-No matter the effort,Ours are or my…And it’s utteringYour greatest fearYes... Continue Reading →

Be Yourself

Original image by JusTee Be yourself they saidStay out of your headShed those tears at nightDon’t burn the light- Be yourself they saidSmile from insideDon’t burn that bridgeBe a part of the ride- Be yourself they saidKeep prayer in your heartTurn to HimEven when you fall apart- Be yourself they saidNot what they desireCast their... Continue Reading →

Be Thanksgiving

Image created by JusTee To be thankfulOr often naughtEasy to ignoreWhat you've got… Common placeThought and actionAlways a chaseMissed satisfaction… One day a yearThe norm should stopA new look takenAcross a table top… Just for the next dayThe worst of people comes-Massaging egosTo flipping off someone…. Thanksgiving often skippedIn minds and storesThe loss of appreciationOr... Continue Reading →

If you love who I am Fight for my plea Not control And over me... Fight for happiness Not life’s soul For the opposite Takes its toll... Love me Before hating them Understand time Can be everyone’s friend... And when age Graces you and I Fight for a difference Not a lie... Because where you... Continue Reading →

Hello fuzzy My old friend When did we become close? Or was there a when? Or just a comfort Before the tale The pain inside And unfortunate fail... And the break Before the torch Running to die Before breaking a porch... And understanding Like only a demon can do- Holding the burden Before hitting the... Continue Reading →

Heart’s Prayer

Your grace and love Are needed today For in your care Is the only way. We need some strength And little peace To clear the way For fear’s release. He is in your hands As you guide theirs Prepare the doctors And the gifts they share. Thank you, Lord For hearing our prayers Please heal... Continue Reading →

There Is…

There is time Moments Miracles There is heartache Loneliness Wrinkles There are habits Consequences Pitfalls Then some maturity Wisdom Overhauls There are memories Appreciation Love They are gifts Precious Enough

Leading The Way

Oh to be young again Those were the days Destroying the furniture  And running all day. Having more energy Than people could keep up And for many years Acting like a pup. I'm older now And I rarely run But when my family needs me I get the job done. Now here you are With... Continue Reading →


There are days to like you- And some to hate what you have done. Moments to love you- And others to cry some. There are days to trust you- And others to doubt… Moments to hug you- Or to let you pout. There are days to leave- And others to stay… But living my life... Continue Reading →

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