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Life Test

Numb the thoughts
Numb the mind
Find a purpose
Seek and find

Blind the eyes
Block the tears
Learn now
Shed the years

No it all
Knowing nothing
Build belief
While finding something

Dry the cry
Quite the scream
Block the masses
Build a team

Quit it all
Try your best
It’s simply life
Pass the test.

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We Knew

We know so much

And so little too…

Until we learn

What we thought we knew.

And then we scramble

Like generations before

And learn again

What we chose to ignore.

Sure some lessons

But great moments added

And a little more even

Once all is subtracted.

Yes we knew it all

And I guess we still do

Until tomorrow

And heartache less new.

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Human Connection

I want to talk

And ignore you too

I want to agree

But still I stew.

I want to imagine

Just to forget

Know the moment

Acknowledge the threat.

I want to change

What I think I see…

I continue to fight

In the hopes to agree.

I want to stop

Before I go…

It’s in the curse…

I just need you to know.

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Turn On The Light

All gloom

Some anger too

Doomsday written

By more than a few.

When outside

The sun still shines

Blinded people

Of sarcasm and wine.

Oh and the blame

So easy to pass

And so it swings

Lost is class.

The point of the finger

Mirror in toe

Equal in error

Transgressors fail to know.

Oh there is life

If lived and glad

Stop spreading the bullshit

Painting the world only sad.

But what about…

Stop! More crap makes no difference

Give to a friend or stranger

Happiness finds witness.

A new challenge

Share only light

And lighten will the heart

Renewed clear sight.

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Future Temptress 

It haunts me

Telling jokes
Playing games

Little pokes
Tap, tap, tap

Always the same sound 

Opportunity knocking 

But can’t be found.
Windows are covered

The door without a knob

The noise is loud

Between these sobs.
Temptation is lurking 

Don’t let it come in

The temptress offers 

Fate stalls again 

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Almost Knowing

A shadow 

Where light once was

A dream

Even if reality.

A few steps

Mist in the clouds…

Bluebirds fly

Before the swelling sore.

The break 

Where glue held tight

Loosen grips

Of the devil and angel.

So wait 

Before the scale gives an answer

And believe

Once was over and never done.

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Beginning to End

There was a heartbeat 

Guiding steps along linen walls

Almost a guide

And a fault to the end.
Whispers loud

Machines comforted chaos

To the grasp of life

And perseverance of death.
Until peace became music

Misery’s parade done and over

For one then

But never for all.
And then the years

Like all other families before

When time was a friend

Until it was no more.
So to wait

And regret the minutes later 

Because learning never from before

Suffocates breath back of possibilities.