I thought I had time-
Time to be angry…
Time to forgive…
Time to waste.

I thought I was right-
And you were wrong-
So I fed the wrong energy…
In my prideful haste.

When the sands passed through-
The hour glass of time-
I had no way to see…
The grains were almost gone.

And as pride often does-
Chances were lost..
And the mortal soul is left…
To know it was wrong.

Anger is fair to feel-
When one is wronged-
As I felt towards you…
So many years ago.

Holding onto the past-
And sacrificing the future-
Is a loss my time will always bare-
Which is something I bet you know.

May God rest your soul-
And forgive mine-
As a new time begins…
In lighting a candle for you.

Heaven will be brighter-
As you make it home-
Your heart in toe…
With a piece of mine too