For tonight
Dancing upon the grave
Teach the life
And sacrifice I gave.
The living may not know
As We lay dying
The clarity now
Blocked by their crying.
Oh the rage
As seeds are laid
Never mind the need
Or price I paid.
And You will know
Too little too late
Just like us
This is your fate.

The Gift

There are days to be carried

And some to pull

Moments of fear

And blessings untold…

And there is love

Anger or hate

And always the moment

Before it’s almost too late…

It’s in these moments

We can find the greatest gift

A grave to be dug

Or a much needed lift…

To have the time

To live what is learned

Is a gift to some

And to others we yearn…

Life so complex

But handle with care-

For it only takes a moment

To no longer be there.

Thank God we are still here

Hopeful for many more-

To be thankful for the day

When it was wasted before.

Time Kills

For each year counting

Is another to waste

Time quickens

At success to pace…

And we are not here

Or even gone

Just finding a path

Of everything wrong…

Not out of perfection

Or even guilt

Just moving on

While the earth does tilt…

And all things move

Even while standing still-

Too late to notice

Only time does kill.

Mortal Pain

Every step was counted

As tears were dried

And sobs were silenced…

Sorrow was left to song

Hope was left in prayer

And faith closed in scriptures…

Speeding was the time

Stopped were the answers

And reason in oblivion…

Stepping off the mortal ledge

How and why were wondered

And lost was all he knew…

Pain left to the living

As a soul is sent to God

With more work to be done.

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Beginning to End

There was a heartbeat 

Guiding steps along linen walls

Almost a guide

And a fault to the end.
Whispers loud

Machines comforted chaos

To the grasp of life

And perseverance of death.
Until peace became music

Misery’s parade done and over

For one then

But never for all.
And then the years

Like all other families before

When time was a friend

Until it was no more.
So to wait

And regret the minutes later 

Because learning never from before

Suffocates breath back of possibilities.

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In Loving Memory

Amazing Sky
I witnessed the end
With no middle or beginning-
Confusion and torment
And faith growing and thinning….
I heard the stories told
As laughs were appreciated and shared
All about a young man
Who could no longer be there.
The more I learned about you-
Less anything made sense…
Actions so regrettable-
Knowledge missing a defense.
I witnessed amazing love
As a community held tight
Crying together-
Knowing nothing would make this right.
I was part of a goodbye-
Without ever having a hello…
But I will still miss you always. . .
And that is what I needed you to know.

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Living’s Lesson

I thought I had time-
Time to be angry…
Time to forgive…
Time to waste.

I thought I was right-
And you were wrong-
So I fed the wrong energy…
In my prideful haste.

When the sands passed through-
The hour glass of time-
I had no way to see…
The grains were almost gone.

And as pride often does-
Chances were lost..
And the mortal soul is left…
To know it was wrong.

Anger is fair to feel-
When one is wronged-
As I felt towards you…
So many years ago.

Holding onto the past-
And sacrificing the future-
Is a loss my time will always bare-
Which is something I bet you know.

May God rest your soul-
And forgive mine-
As a new time begins…
In lighting a candle for you.

Heaven will be brighter-
As you make it home-
Your heart in toe…
With a piece of mine too