Lights out
After how many weeks
Now you are scattered
Beyond the weeps…

So many people
Arrived to your home
To find their deals
And bring to their throne…

And finally now
Your home is at rest
The family is done
Lights are lifeless…

And while we weren’t close
I lived across the street,
The process was depressing
With a front row seat.

So much time
We spend gathering things,
Only to be trashed or sold
No time for feelings…

As we are nothing
Our belongings are too-
Perhaps we should change
What’s important to me and you…

As we are born
Our futures are set
In all life
It must end in death…

But what we leave behind
Doesn’t have to be thrown away-
So long as there are more than things
To process after our day…

I hope you are at peace
And your family too-
You have taught me a lesson,
You left more than you knew.