Meeting the dare

Such a new treat

Something so salty

Now becomes sweet..

And when the roof breaks

Beyond repair

No construction to salvage

Or truth that’s fair…

Just what is

And what used to be

Like the apple

Fallen from the tree.

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Twenty Years

Kenny Rogers – Twenty years ago

Twenty years ago I was twenty
And as clueless as can be…
My parents were both healthy
As they shook their heads at me.

Twenty years later I am forty
And my parents more of a mess
I still have lots to learn
My survival still a guess.

Twenty years from now I will be 60
And I wonder how that’s true
Life flies so fast
When staring back at you.

Twenty years ago was easy
Compared to twenty years from now
I know I will survive
Even if idiots make me wonder how.

Twenty years ago was Kenny
And today its Taylor Swift
May we all learn from the past…
So tomorrow is better than this.

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I Am

I am the wrong
I am the right
I am darkness
I am light
I am the moment
I am the now
I am the why
I am the how
I am what was
I am what is
I am the piece
I am the quiz
I am them
I am you
I am the past
I am new
I am tomorrow
I am today
I am the reason
You are the way.