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If I was here to be me
You would probably already know who I am.
Instead I’m an outline
Of either a woman or a man.
You want the truth?
You should look inside!
Are you ready for the answer?
Are you prepared to cry?
You question the sound-
While searching for the truth.
So blind are the eyes
Blaming your youth.
It’s not what you are
Or who you will be
That will wake the answers
To matter with me.
You ask who I am-
And the answer is I Am You,
But talking to yourself is a conflict-
Leaving your mind nothing to do.
Your madness is in the past-
Your future is in the dreams.
You are ignoring today-
And what the impact will be.
So argue the answers-
Drown the noise…
You have to be ready-
To hear your own Voice.

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Chaos in existence of everything…
Make it stop!
Sounds without rhythm-
Words without rhyme.
What was missing?
Years pass quickly-
Even if moments were slow.
Lost love on repeat…
Lost opportunities to rewind.
And existence questioned-
To a species ignorant.
Multiple examples to follow-
Except the one needed.
It was so simple!
The present was missed-
All thanks to wasted time.

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Life Storm

So many years of accumulating strength-
Until a wave a mile high prepares to land.
The storm of my life waits for me-
Personal destruction is near.
Time to collapse in the pain-
Bury my head in all I should regret.
My legs will fall is fast succession
With a mind preaching all trials of defeat.
Stolen minutes allow me to look closer-
At the tide seeking to land
Suddenly not all is so dark and gloomy
For hope is present too.
The sky seeks an ominous tone to display-
But light breaks its effect-
And I see the option to break is mine…
The power to live is always there.
All things did not go together-
When awing this pictured view.
And the conflict made it more perfect…
For possibility was more clear.
So not all doom aims to claim me-
Otherwise absent would be oranges, blues and greens….
The story of this life is complicated-
And now more perfect for me