So many years of accumulating strength-
Until a wave a mile high prepares to land.
The storm of my life waits for me-
Personal destruction is near.
Time to collapse in the pain-
Bury my head in all I should regret.
My legs will fall is fast succession
With a mind preaching all trials of defeat.
Stolen minutes allow me to look closer-
At the tide seeking to land
Suddenly not all is so dark and gloomy
For hope is present too.
The sky seeks an ominous tone to display-
But light breaks its effect-
And I see the option to break is mine…
The power to live is always there.
All things did not go together-
When awing this pictured view.
And the conflict made it more perfect…
For possibility was more clear.
So not all doom aims to claim me-
Otherwise absent would be oranges, blues and greens….
The story of this life is complicated-
And now more perfect for me