Hello fuzzy My old friend When did we become close? Or was there a when? Or just a comfort Before the tale The pain inside And unfortunate fail... And the break Before the torch Running to die Before breaking a porch... And understanding Like only a demon can do- Holding the burden Before hitting the... Continue Reading →


The idea of space and time Is only a moment No punishment or forgiveness Or mind with matter… No, simply a piece To the game Or missing peace Begging fame… For are we not always nothing? Until we come to a truth Is not age or beauty Fake fountain of youth… Just a second In... Continue Reading →

Loneliness Rocks and shame Liquid gold An angel’s game... No earth to shatter Or glass to score No back to the beginning Or the moment before... Just a repeat Of a moment like this Salt for looks Before shimmering bliss.

Land mines disguised as flowers Lightning in the rainbow Salt in the rain... Worms in the sand Life in the rocks Smiles in all the pain... And stories told For one more night Before the truth appears in vain.

Mother’s Curse

You bring me up You bring down Up to success And reduced to a clown… You believe in me With disappointment too And you’d be there for it all No matter what I’d do. You are the best Even when you make me feel worse… All in the benefit Of Mother’s curse.

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