Lost and Found

Peak at the bottom

Over sour grapes

Breathing relief

Or soul’s sake…

For embers burn

On dead wood

Like the mind

Or the understood…

And in the morn

Lost are steps

Like the past

A future kept…

Lurching forward

On frosted ground

On the edge

Of lost and found.

Hello Fuzzy

Hello fuzzy

My old friend

When did we become close?

Or was there a when?

Or just a comfort

Before the tale

The pain inside

And unfortunate fail…

And the break

Before the torch

Running to die

Before breaking a porch…

And understanding

Like only a demon can do-

Holding the burden

Before hitting the truth.

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The idea of space and time
Is only a moment
No punishment or forgiveness
Or mind with matter…
No, simply a piece
To the game
Or missing peace
Begging fame…
For are we not always nothing?
Until we come to a truth
Is not age or beauty
Fake fountain of youth…
Just a second
In a blimp of time…
Nothing suffered
Or anything mine-
Just the minute
Or a momentary gift…
Payment in trial
For the microsecond lift-
And to believe
It was for something more
Staring out the window
Believing in the door…
Instead of now
And forgiving then-
Because it was a moment
And temporary win.

Tequila Sunset


Rocks and shame

Liquid gold

An angel’s game…

No earth to shatter

Or glass to score

No back to the beginning

Or the moment before…

Just a repeat

Of a moment like this

Salt for looks

Before shimmering bliss.

In Vain

Land mines disguised as flowers

Lightning in the rainbow

Salt in the rain…

Worms in the sand

Life in the rocks

Smiles in all the pain…

And stories told

For one more night

Before the truth appears in vain.

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Tit and Tat

So tell me a song
And I’ll show you a dance
Make me believe
Or pretend a stance…
Now make me smile
And I’ll provide the frown
Bring me up
Just to take you down…
Make me forget
And I’ll make you believe
Promise forever
While I’ll make you leave…
Make me regret
And I’ll make you beg
Pretend to suffer
So I can bend your head…
So tell me more
And I will provide less
Make me predict
While I make you confess…
Now tell me why
And I will tell you more…
Force my hand…
And I will shut the door.

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Mother’s Curse

You bring me up
You bring down
Up to success
And reduced to a clown…

You believe in me
With disappointment too
And you’d be there for it all
No matter what I’d do.

You are the best
Even when you make me feel worse…
All in the benefit
Of Mother’s curse.