Image taken by JusTee

Lately, I am often confused and angry about this “life.” There are just too many steps backward anymore. I feel tossed aside, and maybe other people do too. When is enough – enough?

As truth and lies become hidden – the ability to make choices wisely loses existence. Our minds are creative and have no problem creating possibilities for us to believe. The mind’s creative network is fast to give us possibilities to the facts we are missing. If we do not get the answers fast enough – a NEW truth can be born, and it becomes one of the most difficult things to un-believe. Its amazing how quickly we can become the walking dead. Have you chosen to kill, or be eaten, yet?

Each month I have seen more and more changes in people, and even more to people closest to me. The changes have not been good, and I do not have the answers why. I have possibilities though! I must fight knowing them to be the truth. I do know that I do not have to make the actions from others that I see as wrong, okay. If you ask to leave my life I am never going to try and stop you. No matter who you are. No, I will open the door, and recognize the steps taken by the other person are not mine to choose. It doesn’t mean I do not hurt, and it never means that I know, or understand, why. Instead, it means that I know my value, and I will not lower it by asking someone to stay. People need to know that just because one opens the door for you to leave – does not mean they will be there to open it if you ask to come back someday. Once I open the door for you to leave – I have choices too.

So why do I write this? Because hatred, and treating people with hatred, has become so common that it is being used as an answer. It’s not my answer, but more people are using it to fight me, and to fight many of you. No one deserves hate. No one is required to take being treated with hate. More importantly, no one needs to respond with hate. Hatred is a prison with a tough lock to open. Instead – just open the door! No matter who it is… let them make their choice to walk through it. If they walk out – smile when you close the door behind them. Give yourself the chance to cry and scream privately and choose your responses wisely. I have found not responding is a response, and a powerful weapon against hatred. For there is no “reason” in hate! And that is the only truth I need to know.