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Such A Waste

Oh bitter world
what have you done?
Will you wake up
or fall like the sun?

What will it matter
and who will it take?
For the difference to come
we all die to make.

For when we lie
on our final bed…
so many mistakes
make wasteful tears shed.

And what was important,
matters so little now…
the reason is lost
just like the How.

But years pass
and generations too…
mistakes on repeat
like they were begging to do.

And another sits
like me today..
knowing the difference,
But lacking the way.

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Lethargic moves

The limp from one

To yet another 

Energy from panic

Sleep induced

But living

While dying

In awareness

Of nothing

While believing 


From nothing 

Finally delivered.

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2016 Election

I shy away from politics. I vote, and I pay attention, but I avoid the battles in fighting with people. I believe fighting about politics or religion is a waste of time. Fighting doesn’t change your opposition’s view, but it does waste minutes of your life.

This election is very important and difficult. It is tough to make a decision with all the noise the media has given us to listen to. The media makes us think that unimportant things are important, and if we vote based on unimportant thing, then mistakes are made. That is why I am sharing this article written by Andy Andrews. He has a reputation for being a common sense writer, and carefully lays out what people should consider when voting. It has nothing to do with Her emails or His remarks or conversations – all unimportant stuff when it comes to the power they will have. It is a long article, but I hope you read it, because it isn’t filled with the noise of our media. Please click the link below.

Election FACTS 2016

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Dear Republicans


Photo Copyright : lightwise

Dear Republicans
What more can I say
You continue to murder your party
More and more each day.
No concept of unity
Or common core to unite-
Just sticks and stones to throw…
To everyone in your sight.
Turning your backs-
The second your feel disgust…
Never back democrats-
But no fellow republican to trust.
I don’t know your goal
And neither do you
And the future may erase this-
If it’s the last thing you do.
Nothing to follow-
Nowhere to begin-
Maybe that is why…
Your choice wasn’t a politician.
But you can’t support him-
And he doesn’t support you…
Despite Hillary’s shortcomings-
She has a party helping her through.
Do I think she should be president?
Absolutely no!
But given the choices…
Republicans insist on staying low.
Breaking the broken
Until nothing more can be done…
Republican politicians are pathetic and sad!
Making sure again the democrats have won.

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Missing Truths



So many connections
And networks in place
Making sure information is passed
At a record pace.

Very little we learn
Filled with absolute truth-
And so we are filled with lies
Before entering the voting booth.

The media the winner-
And the public the loser-
So many fingers pointed-
At different accusers.

I want my children informed
But what do I give them for that?
Certainly not the debates-
Where education falls flat.

Yet the public still cheers
For their candidate of choice-
Like one is actually better this year-
Different platforms used to Voice.

So few people
Fail to notice what all we didn’t learn…
The future more uncertain-
As the pasts comes now to burn.

Each day we lose the future
By pointless fingers to the past…
And the uneducated stay dumb
Because they are surrounded by trash.

Unprofessional and un-sincere
And broken is the guide-
The media running the circus…
And the truth is the only thing to hide.

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The Last to Know

Lips are sealed-
The finger in place-
A secret to know…
No sound to trace.

Bare no repeat-
As the ears are not prepared-
More than one person knows…
To no one else will be shared.

Bliss in the ignorance
Or a handicap in its need-
The truth is a privilege-
For people wish to feed.

Now is the time to influence-
Any truth one may know-
Dare to challenge the change…
To hell they will wish you to go.

Now to never tell the people-
The secret a struggle to keep-
A sacrifice is necessary…
For life to remain steady and neat.

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Logic and Reason

I hear voicesThey tell me to ignore you!

They are the very ones you ignore

Which makes everything sad about you.

What voices you ask?

And am I insane?

Their names are logic and reason

But to a politician they hold no fame!

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Lost Desire

Whether to our Father in HeavenOr the people down below

The debt to be paid for peace

Is one too few want bestowed.
So we live in regret and chaos

For it is much more comfortable there

For the mirage of coveted control

Makes the madness fair.
Chaos is needed in politics

For that is how politicians keep a job.

Just as a lawyer encourages the fight-

To have more hours to log.
Wishing for peace is simply a soundbite

And not an honest dream-

Any chance of the reality changing

Is a possibility that remains to be seen.