Original By JusTee Knock them downCreate a diversionMake so much noiseTo void the occasion Pretend to careAbout opportunity and growthWhile breaking the willAnd what matters most Like a buzzardPursuing live prayLay waste to the deathAnd successful days Swarm the successLike it’s really omissionPoint four fingersSo lost is comprehension So many times a successTo the office... Continue Reading →


Enemy- Original image by JusTee Darwin saidOnly the strong will survive-But if I am not strong,Nor Weak-What am I?But the middleman…Still crushing the weak-Only to be extinguished?Survivals problem-Is the Who-Who could be helped,Or stop the inevitable.Yes Prosperity-On the backs of the weak,To build a new strength,Pushing an unknown,In the ignorance of history-Erasing what you could... Continue Reading →

Original image by JusTee The bits of the day lay waste to disaster-may the devils not hear us now. We tip the toe, and grimace at the leaf, as even autumn sparks a challenge. A change in direction for hoped protection, or least delay the inevitable… For no knowledge or effort can change a path,... Continue Reading →

Conspiracy theories are popular in American culture. I have never been one to give into them, or think of them. The idea that the CIA hired Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate JFK doesn’t seem possible to me, for example. Bigfoot sightings are simply for the amusement of the bored or drug-induced mind I think. I... Continue Reading →

Such A Waste

Oh bitter world what have you done? Will you wake up or fall like the sun? What will it matter and who will it take? For the difference to come we all die to make. For when we lie on our final bed… so many mistakes make wasteful tears shed. And what was important, matters... Continue Reading →


Lethargic moves The limp from one To yet another  Energy from panic Sleep induced But living While dying In awareness Of nothing While believing  Everything  From nothing  Finally delivered.

2016 Election

All, I shy away from politics. I vote, and I pay attention, but I avoid the battles in fighting with people. I believe fighting about politics or religion is a waste of time. Fighting doesn't change your opposition's view, but it does waste minutes of your life. This election is very important and difficult. It... Continue Reading →

Dear Republicans

Photo Copyright : lightwise Dear Republicans What more can I say You continue to murder your party More and more each day. No concept of unity Or common core to unite- Just sticks and stones to throw… To everyone in your sight. Turning your backs- The second your feel disgust… Never back democrats- But no fellow republican... Continue Reading →

Missing Truths

  So many connections And networks in place Making sure information is passed At a record pace. Very little we learn Filled with absolute truth- And so we are filled with lies Before entering the voting booth. The media the winner- And the public the loser- So many fingers pointed- At different accusers. I want... Continue Reading →

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